Beatification season – is Mugabe to be the next Catholic saint?

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I listened with sad incredulity this morning to the BBC Radio 4 program “Sunday”. At one point in the program there was a half hearted attempt to expose the current & previous Popes as the cynically self centered supporters of paedophile priests they undoubtedly are.

The program even invited Colm O’Gorman  in to support the side of the abused thousands, as he himself had been abused by a Catholic Priest, however, the two Catholic supporters in the studio attempted to explain away this unforgivable behaviour as an example of the previous pope’s humanity!  We all make mistakes if we are human don’t we  – ah bless! The program presenter then calmly moved on as if the words of Colm O’Gorman meant nothing. Ed Stourton – words fail me!

Colm had of course exposed the entire cover up process, for those who had ears to listen, for the puerile, inexplicable evil that the Roman Catholic Church continues to propagate.

The Roman Catholic church is simply the most successful political power base that the world has ever seen. Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell as the “dark lords” of british politics, intent on making that deluded burk Blair look good, were mere amateurs in comparison.

To me the only miracle I would like to see is the arrest of the current pope for the crime of covering decades of priestly paedophilia, for it is he who as “Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” was in charge of the cover up. The newly beatified pope was his boss as he did that job! That 2nd miracle that the faithful are waiting for will magically appear within six months as some other hapless nun (one such ‘story’ has already been published but is now discredited) somewhere was cured of inoperable cancer after a smile from Pope Paul the pompous.

It would be difficult to make this all up – sadly I have not had to – yet still the crowds gathered in Rome to adore this tragic, sad and misguided little man; can nobody do anything? What will it take to bring this edifice of evil down.

It is simple to explain the Pope’s actions – “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Until very recently they both thought they are “obviously above civil law” – privately, of course, they still think they are, but have had to make a few minor nods to secular legal systems by paying over a few million pounds and dollars in compensation.

As to how to explain the behaviour of the worlds politicians and the gathering worshipping crowds as they support this facile organisation – I am at a loss; sad days indeed for humanity.

The icing on the cake for me was to read that one of the 22 “World Leaders” attending the Vatican’s celebrations was non other than that bastion of Roman Catholic love, peace, Christianity and tolerance – Robert Mugabe. I suspect the real reason for his visit was for his wife to do some proper shopping …


It would be difficult to make this up too, but unfortunately I have not had to …

One is left completely speechless.

The death of BBCs ‘Have your say’

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BBC – Have Your Say debate What are you giving up for Lent?
17-Feb-2010 11:05
HYS just died – so I am being forced to give it up!

This is BBC going through what I hope is just a bad phase of PC, techno driven stupidity.

BBC3 is rubbish save some dosh & bin it.

We the people have not forgiven you for allowing yourselves to be run over by the Gilligan affair. He was right – you were so wrong not to fight for truth and shame Blair & his dreadful regime!

Please listen to me & those who are criticising this – you are just plain wrong!

We love what was the BBC!

BBC Have Your Say – Should there be more religion on tv?

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BBC – Have Your Say debate Should there be more religion on tv?
Wednesday, 10 February, 2010, 14:38
A question, if I may, to the BBC ..?

Your current Charter calls for 110 hours of religious programming – why then are you increasing funding to provide 168 hours this year?

Could it be that the top brass are all Catholic or Anglican?

Shurely not!

On a more serious note … I suspect that you are in breach of your own guidleines by broadcasting any religious content at all.

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What next for Afghanistan?

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BBC – Have Your Say debate What next for Afghanistan?
SENT: 01-Nov-2009 10:33
Support the education of girls in the cities – that is all we can do – and then wait for the 3 generations it will take to move out of the 9th century.

Read “Three cups of tea” and weep at the failure, self interest and hubris of politicians everywhere …

Perhaps we can start now the fight we should be fighting – the Wahabism of Saudi! Saudi funded the Madrassas that spread Islamism to Afg & Pkn.

Let us please re-discover the wisdom of the European enlightenment – the “Age of Reason”.
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