Independence day?

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Here is Pat Condell, a man even grumpier than me  – eight minutes of well argued grumpiness explaining why he, and I, voted to leave the EU and why we must vote for an Independent Candidate in the next election. Discuss 😉

EU & our MPs +1, We the people -17,400,000

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  • Utter fiasco

  • Yet another humiliation for what was Great Britain
  • Unbelievable naivety from those who lead us
  • Pathetic capitulation
  • Financial incompetence from those who never had to actually make money
  • Supercilious disregard for 500 years of constitutional development
  • Betrayal of the people’s wishes

I think that’s about it

Brexit means Brexit? May rubbishes the referendum

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May shoots down the referendum & democracy is dead

So now we know why she said and did nothing for the last two years.

Saying nothing meant she avoided lying to us until the very last moment, she was always a remainer.

“Brexit means Brexit” was always a shallow lie hidden behind her meaningless words.

Instead of accepting the referendum result, she is supporting big business, bankers, hedge funds, the bankrupt EU who are all shouting, at her, louder than we can.

She is supporting anybody it seems, other than we who voted for Brexit, who won the vote but lost to the politics.

Don’t forget dear reader, “politics” today means “party politics” but the referendum bypassed the party bit and the MPs in parliament.

And, boy, they did not like that at all.

We now need the hard Brexit which probably does mean a bit more pain for a year or two, but businesses will soon sort themselves out, that’s what they always have done!

Then we can all watch as Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain fail to repay their bailouts to the bust central German European bank.

Come on Jacob, unsheath your sword, swash your buckle and take to the streets of Westmonster just outside your new £5m house.

You are our last hope.

PS: Hurrah for Gareth, his waistcoat and his beautiful English footbal team.

PPS: If you have not heard it, please, please use iPlayer to listen to Dead Ringers episode 5 broadcast today on Radio 4. Brilliantly funny. Click here for the best laugh of the summer