EU debate – the ‘in or out’ un-reality show


Everywhere the meedja is full of the ‘politics’ of the EU “in / out” issue.

Nowhere are the reasons for being in or out of the EU being discussed rationally.

This says it all - hehe
This says it all – hehe

Everywhere the need for “reform” is argued.

Nowhere is “reform” actually defined.

Everywhere hundreds (maybe thousands) of highly paid journalists and politicians are producing acres of crap about who said what, why that might be important and to whom and how this might affect some other political being or argument, i.e fluff, poo & piffle.

Nowhere has anyone actually got to grips with the real problems with the EU, just a few of which are these:-

1 – The EU is just too damn big – it is completely unmanageable and is run by bonkers, failed ex-leaders of failed countries (See 10 below)
2 – The EU has forgotten why it was formed in the first place (to stop Germany starting a third world war if you had forgotten or are too young to know)
3 – The EU is incompetent – those in charge are failures in their own countries – farmed out to a slow, but oh so well paid, death in Brussels
4 – The EU bureaucrats are overpaid for doing nothing to benefit the people of Europe
5 – The EU is so inefficient that it makes my teeth hurt
6 – The EU spends most of its time herding cats (people who will never agree on anything)
7 – The EU cannot even balance its books (19 years of audited but inaccurate, qualified final accounts).
8 – The EU is undemocratic – the MEPs have no power and cannot hold the executive to account BY DESIGN! 9 – The EU wastes so much of our tax money that it’s leaders should be in jail

10 – The EU is run by a failed former Portuguese Prime Minister and a failed Belgian Prime Minister! Well that’s alright then (Belgium has not had a valid government for years & Portugal is as bust as Greece)
11 – Germany has just announced an astonishing proposal for an 20 fold increase in the EU ‘diplomatic budget’  (but see 13 below)
12 – Oh, I almost forgot the Euro – possibly the most stupid ever invention ever conceived by man
13 – Even Van Rompuy & Baroness Ashton realise the game is up are are quitting in 2014

14 – Above all the EU is NOT what “we the people” want, which is the European Economic Community. We voted for the EEC in 1975 but since then the slow, slimy, sickening morphing into the EU has been quietly and completely undemocratically, foisted upon us.

Those in power are quietly allowing currencies to devalue (The £ by a shocking 35% since 2008!) whilst QE creates a background slow death of inflation so the banks can stay in power.

Nowhere are these fundamentally important issues being discussed – why not?

This is mass madness on such a scale that words are beginning to fail me …OK not quite 😉

We the people are being ‘handled’ while those who create the acres of meedja crap and spend the people’s money so incompetently are unchallenged by anyone talking common sense.

Here’s what needs to be done:-

  • Either the EU needs to be reformed back to the size of the EEC (pre Maastricht)


  • All those counties outside the Euro-zone should leave and let Germany stew in its own foul soup of failed European federalism and silly funny money.

There is a world outside of this EU farce that we can do business with.

Acknowledgement:-  Thanks to Patrick Chappatte for the cartoon

5 thoughts on “EU debate – the ‘in or out’ un-reality show

  1. Should there be a referendum by 2017 on whether we stay in or exit the EU? Definitely, the Prime Minister tells us from the sanctuary of a government who may not be in power and a formidable track-record of u-turns at critical times. But, do the people want a referendum, do they fully understand the issues? The editor is right when he states that the monolith is out of control for all the reasons he lists, but is he right with his ‘how to fix it’ scenario? I suspect, based purely on chatting to a few friends that the average educated Joe-public is pretty unclear, just can’t make up their mind, wishy-washy if you like, on whether we’re in or out? The problem is that I’m easily convinced both ways depending on the opinion of the commentator that I value.

    Views from Nick Clegg and other liberal minded thinkers inform us that the cost of Britain leaving the EU would be astronomical with ‘millions’ of jobs being lost, apparently it’s an absolute certainty. Stay in and battle through is the war cry. Better the devil you know etc.

    On the other hand, Michael Portillo and Nigel Lawson both make the point that the Prime Minister’s attempt to renegotiate our current terms of membership, at best, will be inconsequential. Their belief that the considerable underperformance of the various European economies is tied inexorably to the single currency and therefore Britain is losing out may well be spot on. It’s a big bad World outside the EU, but who knows how many trading partners of consequence are waiting in the wings to fill the shoes of our EU partners?

    This is a tough set of decisions with powerful and profound arguments both ways and huge ramifications for us all. Real touch and feel decisions.

    So, do we walk? Without a question of doubt, if we leave the EU now in its most tender position we are probably condemning it to complete failure. Britain is a major net contributor as we know. It’s a massive jump into the unknown for Britain, the biggest decision most of us will ‘experience’ in our lifetime. I’m not as confident as the editor on what’s best. There’s still time for lots more debate and discussion before we get to the peoples choice, which is never going to happen.

    1. Magus – what is actually wrong with “condemning the EU to complete failure”? If one of the consequences of the UK leaving the EU is its failure – then that has to be good for the EEC construct which is all anyone realty wants anyway. The Greeks, and other childish members, just took the piss with the EU cash they squandered.
      Maybe, just maybe, the real prospect of our leaving the EU is just what the EEC needs!

  2. I must admit, I can’t think of anything that being in the EU has done for us. Not that I know a lot about it, but if so much money is being spent on being part of it, and if it is beneficial enough to warrant that, then shouldn’t it be obvious to the general public what the advantages are?

    1. Yes NatureLover, a good point, you are quite correct. The advantages are only clear and real to globalised businesses and have no benefit to “we the people”.


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