Thatcher’s legacy? Gimme strength!

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I weep not for her, but the British people who’s country she reduced to rubble.

It will take us at least 50 years to recover from what Thatcher did to Britain – and that’s only if we get a government as good as  Clement Atlee’s. So we are probably in the shit for centuries.

The nightmare continued ...
The nightmare continued …

Thatcher started off the real stupidity of modern ‘fast’ stock market madness and Blair & Brown followed on like unthinking lap dogs. OK maybe we couldn’t see it then but surely we can all see it now?

Cameron is still lapping at the bowl of Blair’s stupidity – he (Cameron) will probably be  the last to get it.

Thatcher incompetently deregulated the city & banks – what a good idea that was!

Thatcher accelerated the mad dash for debt fueled “non” growth in the the private & corporate sector which led ultimately to the 2008 crisis.

Gordon Prudence Brown finished her job off and the country weeps …

Thatcher  sold off our council housing stock thus fuelling the mortgage debt crisis which leads the hugely over valued housing market we suffer from today. In my view – shared by many  – our housing stock is still overvalued by 20/30% because the banks dare not revalue their balance sheet assets (mortgages); if they did …

Thatcher privatised the British water supply – the owners no longer live here – criminal, incompetent short termist madness.

Thatcher privatised the electricity grid – the owners no longer live here – criminal, incompetent short termist madness.

Thatcher did nothing for women because she embraced tostesterone fueled motivation to everything she did. I think Chris Riddell’s cartoon below says it all too well.

Blatcher's legacy for women.
Blatcher’s legacy for women.

Thatcher did one good thing, she sorted out the unions who no longer stood for the working people but stood for themselves – a very muted last hurrah.

We the people have just paid for her posh hotel bill, where she spent her last few weeks – I resent every last penny.

On a lighter note I thank for summarising in pictures what needed to be said – lest we forget.


Steve Bell for Thatcher morphing into Blair

Chris Riddell for showing what Thatcher did for women


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