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Our next Kink speaks. (Ed: Misprint?) Sadly, No 😉

Look chaps, when I ascend, the throne that is, I will sort this all out.

I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding that can be solved by an inter faith dialogue meeting with those those nice people from the Orthodontic Society offering us all herbal teas. (Ed: Sire, do you perhaps mean the Homoeopathic Society? ).

That nice Mr Blair has offered to help too, so at least I will be kept up to date with his good work in Gaza. By the way, “How’s that all going Tony?”

I mean, all these young chaps need is a some jolly good leadership from someone who fully understands them.

It’ll be alright, it really will. Trust me. My dahlias confirm that the astrological portents are all good.

Acknowledgements: One just has to thank that nice Mr Hislop, of Private Eye, for letting one take over the front cover.


Private Eye – probably the best magazine in the world.

2 thoughts on “from the Defender of all Faiths

    1. Hi – Good to virtually meet this morning – and yes, I agree. Probably best if he ‘reigns but does not rule’. With a bit of luck he will really mess up and we may then see the rapid end of the monarchy together with the removal of the CofE from matters terrestrial!
      Antidisestablishmentarianism rules OK! 😉


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