My final word on the EuroLaLaLand

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The person In charge of Europe ...
The person In charge of Europe …

Name that gnome –>

I am so very fed up with the utter nonsense that our political leaders are spouting about the damn EU – day after boring day.

  • Clegg – a disappointment – a disaster of a man – wake up you idiot!
  • Cameraman (no- not a spelling mistake) – out of his depth – a shallow man with no understanding or clue. (Not as bad as Blair was but just too , well … political)
  • Osborne – Muahahahaha
  • Milliband – a tragic mistake in Labour’s history (as was Brown, as was Blair)
  • Balls – Muahahaha
  • Cable – Oh dear – what a disappointment
  • Farage – perhaps a hint of hope lies there ..?
  • Sarkozy – Muahahaha
  • Merkel – blind but posiibly well intentioned but a disaster for all of us

No statesman in sight – anywhere – what a tragedy for Europe!

The Euro can’t ever work because :-

a) The international value of a currency depends on the relative strength of its economy as compared to others. The markets know that, but, because they actually believe in money then they go along with the deception which is the Euro. They actually have to believe that “confidence” can be restored, for without it, they would lose all their bonuses, their businesses, their jobs – just like us!

b) The Euro was, and remains an illogical construct which can never, ever work because a shared interest rate mechanism requires a shared taxation and fiscal policy mechanism. It really is first year first term economic theory!  Just accept that simple, sensible fact and revert back to the EEC – remember that one? the one everyone thought was a good idea?; the one we voted for in 1975? If you can’t “just accept” that assertion then just imagine Berlusconi in charge of France & Sweden. Just imagine Merkel running Greece – you catch my drift!?

c) There is no democracy. The EU Commissioners are all powerful, all decisions are taken after a nice dinner, in private; the MEPs are therefore pointless window dressing. When EU members break their own rules there is no retribution or consequences. The best example I can give is allowing Italy to join the Euro in the first place. Italy could not and did not meet 3 of the 5 basic criteria set out in the Maastricht agreement.

d) Even Germany is over extended on debt (as are we, only less so). The Euro only works for Germany and perhaps France – but that’s it.

e) As for the other members of the Euro – we can’t even remember their names (former members of the USSR if you were wondering, but I suspect you were not 😉 )

This slow death by a thousand cuts trying to save the Euro is just naive, illogical, criminally incompetent and simply can’t work.  

The solution?

The ONLY solution is to recognise the reality of the debt we can’t repay; tell the banks that we won’t be paying it all back – let the financial classes take their haircuts and wait 25 years while we all sort ourselves out.

This requires politicians with cajones (balls to you), intelligence, integrity and communications skills – yeah right!

Nuff said.

PS: A more detailed solution is to be found in meBook  and elsewhere in this blog …happy reading

PPS: As there is nothing else to be said on Europe – I will concentrate on Great Britain from now on

PPPS: Yes – I really do know that nobody reads this 😉

U.S. v Them (from ”Perspective” in the USA)

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Belief in some kind of “higher power,” or not, has a relationship to one’s preference in governance. 

The Left has the most straightforward belief in a higher power:  they ARE the higher power.  The Right, who generally believe in some power higher than they, splinter as to what exactly it is.

The Left considers reality as evidence that there is no higher power – surely a Supreme Being would not have created an inequitable world.  We, and the universe, are lucky accidents that occurred by chance.  All outcomes would be random, not fair, if it were not for the intervention of Leftist intelligentsia.  Lacking a higher power, Man needs the Left to right the wrongs visited upon the unlucky victims of chance. 

The Left embraces totalitarian government, where their elites have God-like, absolute, power to enforce what is right on behalf of the benighted masses who look to a non-existent God for salvation.  My will be done (for I am just, you ignorant fool). 

The Right views reality as evidence that there is a higher power – surely Man who runs his own affairs so poorly could not have created a universe which Man dimly understands.  Intelligence beyond their comprehension rules Man and universe, not chance.  They pray for God’s guidance to use the limited abilities they have been gifted to conform the world more closely to their limited understanding of the Master’s plan.  Man is a servant, an employee, who, although he does possess full knowledge of the corporate entity, can nevertheless receive sustenance in return for performing tasks within his capabilities.  There are reasons for inequity among men, just as there reasons why a more productive employee is paid more than a less capable employee.  This does not mean that the lesser paid employee is valueless.  If his work was of no value, he would not be on the payroll at all.

The Right prefers freedom, because God might have made his will clearer to the other guy – they need to listen to him, just in case or for perspective.  Whether he is right or wrong the other guy is still a child of God, and to disrespect one’s fellow is to disrespect one’s creator.  Every life is of value, or God would not have enabled it.  Thy will be done (God bless you, fellow seeker).

Of course, there are members of the Left who profess belief in God.  Theirs is a supportive God, not a higher power.  He is a kindly uncle, generous in hopes of receiving love, but not a father who must be obeyed.  He is a resource, not a master.  A cosmic concierge who finds the difficult-to-obtain on behalf of his clientele.  Whether or not He is supreme is irrelevant because His only desire is to serve believers.  They believe in Him because He believes what they believe.  It would not be believable that God would not want what the Left wants.  He has lent His support to the Left to rule by proxy.  

Their counterparts on the Right also profess belief in God, but what they actually believe in is a religion.  Their adherence to the religion’s political posture (governance of relationships between people and nature) has bestowed God’s power on the Right to rule by proxy. 

Neither group believes in an all-powerful God, because they both believe He needs their help to get rid of gays or the HIV virus or Jews or poverty or whatever.  He just can’t get it right without their intervention.  It is unacceptable to either pole of zealotry that gays, HIV, Jews and poverty are all part of God’s plan.  God can’t do it alone.

Let’s get real.  The difference between the Left and the Right is not at all determined by whether God exists.  Rather, the belief (or lack thereof) in a higher power is a consequence of other predispositions which have the additional consequence of determining a person’s political predilection.  The beliefs are correlated, not causal.  The underlying traits for both opinion sets have to do with humility versus arrogance, and acceptance versus denial. 

People who are essentially humble can both accept the existence of an intelligence greater than their own exercising control over their lives, and accept that others’ freedom to express contrary opinions can benefit their understanding.  “It is what it is” (with or without my judgment).

People who are arrogant believe their failures are caused by bad luck, or being treated unfairly, but are never due to their own inadequacy, as judged by their peers or God.  The arrogant, confronted with abundant evidence of their fallibility, are in denial, and feel threatened by both existence of a supreme arbiter and the expression of contrary opinions.  Intelligent and rational, both are threats to the arrogant.

The humble are eager to be shown where they are mistaken, so as not to repeat the mistake.  The arrogant are intolerant of being shown their mistake, because they are never mistaken.

The “old saws” on this point are abundant.  Some of my favorites are:

  • There is always a mug at the table.  If you don’t know who it is, you are the mug.
  • God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.
  • Just because you have silenced a man does not mean you have converted him.
  • Pride is a man who goes forth on horseback and comes back on foot.

It is laughable that the Left prides itself on its intelligence (but not because they’re wrong).  Conservatives are portrayed as stupid.  Intelligence is the capacity to learn.  Knowledge is the sum total of what has been learned.  I have not seen much of a correlation between the two.

High intelligence is conducive to arrogance.  Arrogance is not conducive to learning. 

The humble generally seem to know more than the arrogant.  They work harder at learning because they have to.  The intelligent can fake it.  It took Einstein some time before he could wipe himself.

It takes extreme arrogance for any one individual to feel that he has come up with a correct answer which has been missed throughout the course of human history.  It does not take much humility to realize that the best answers are the ones that people keep coming back to after being challenged by generations.

What separates the philosophies is the humility to accept responsibility for one’s lack of success rather than faulting the successful person.  It is the humility to accept that if the “right” thing to do has never worked it will not work this time around because that idea is probably wrong.  It is the willingness to accept that if helping another person makes one feel peaceful, and forcing someone else to help the person in need makes one feel resentful, that service is preferable to control.  It is the humility to believe that if I can’t get a job for myself, even from the government, I am a poor choice to lead a government that will supply jobs for everyone.

The Left, at its core, is composed of arrogant disbelievers.  Their arrogance permits them to seek control of their fellows by force, including violence to people and property, because their narcissism permits is no possibility they are wrong.  Even though every Leftist government has failed to deliver the basic necessities of life to most of its populace they have the arrogance to believe that this time, under the new guy, who is very smart, they will get it to work.

The Right is humble enough to insist the Left must have a voice.

America is still the richest country in the world.  And soon, Americans will be celebrating their holiday of Thanksgiving.  The purpose of the holiday is to pay homage to the aboriginal “Indian” wogs who saved colonists from the then richest country in the world from starvation.  The plight of the Brits was that they were on the beach sandwiched in between cornfields and the virgin Western Atlantic, not yet commercially fished.  Couldn’t find a bite to eat to save their lives.  Thank God for Chief Squanto.

This Thanksgiving, President Obama, arguably the most intelligent American President (not a high hill to climb), certainly the most Leftist, and author of the biggest entitlement program in human history, will feast on the goose-that-laid-the-golden-egg.

The light dawns that maybe (just, maybe) politicians are not the right people to run countries …

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In Italy, which has been run into the ground by that egocentric, gobsmackingly incompetent, clown , Silvio Berlusconi, – the penny might just have dropped that maybe he was the problem and was never- ever – a solution. People are beginning to think that he was in power for his own reasons and not for the benefit of the people – “shurely not!” 

The Italians have appointed a banker to sort out the mess! 😆  . OK he’s a  nice banker and not really Italian, but, well, oh dear me …we shall see …(or, as I suspect, we will not …)  

In Greece, where the politicians are just one IQ point from greedy, feral children feeding from the cheap dosh supplied by the Euro Project and laughing all the way to their opulent villas and ridiculous pensions without a responsible adult anywhere in view.

So, the Greeks have appointed a .., no, patience please, wait for it .., NO WAIT for it …, surely not, but, YES a banker to sort out the mess! Well thank the lord for that, so that’s alright then, phew!

There are some in both countries, and ours, who still demonstrate against the “unfair” cuts and job losses that the ordinary person is suffering from. Their cause is sadly pointless and ultimately fruitless – the money all went years ago – we and they maxed out our credit cards, encouraged by greedy bankers and incompetent politicians  We were watching but we are not responsible are we? 😉

CameraMan selling Merkel some cheap Euros
Take my body - but leave my pounds alone ...

In Berlin today Merkel will still ask for a 5% increase in the Euro budget and in the same breath tell Cameraman that she can’t afford to bail out the weaker members of the Eurozone – “Well my Dear …” (I can hear him saying), “you can’t have it both ways!” He should also remind Chancellor Merkel where all the money came from to rebuild Germany after the nasty National Socialists invaded Poland (“Don’t mention ze voor – I here you all cry – heheee – just did – ya boo to you”).

It is that sort of illogic that ‘party’ politicians just cannot recognise and therefore face. Why not ..?

‘Party’ politicians are simply incapable of using the truth even if they can see it because party dogma is all – the party line distorts perception and action.

Enough, before I give the game way, I will have to focus on meBook now because a few, but still only a few, are waking up to the fact that politicians, and party politicians in particular, are well past their sell-by dates. It won’t take Paris, Marr and that pesky Peston very long to steal all my ideas – so…

See y’all …in 2012

Byeee  😉

PS:- Spain will be next – followed by Portugal, followed by Ireland (again) followed by France and then us…

PPS: Read all about it (2 years ago in meBook) to be published next September just after the Olympic Drains (oops, sorry – games).

To Baroness Uddin my message is :- ‘Pay up & p$$ off!’

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The Right Honourable the Baroness Uddin (who is neither right or honourable)Yes, I agree with you dear reader, the title of this piece is as unattractive and offensive as is this disgraceful woman’s opinion of Britain. She is cynically shameless and has obviously been corrupted by the power, position, privilege and title of which she might have once been worthy – but no more.

It appears that she is to be allowed to repay the £100,000 she has fraudulently claimed (still unpaid after 18 months!) from her future House of Lords attendance allowance of £180 per day! Can you believe this crap?

That it appears impossible to remove her title and to stop her return to the House of Lords is itself a ridiculous state of affairs.

She has shamed not only herself but that truly despicable Tony Blair who appointed her, her professed religion (Islam) and the political hierarchy of Britain.

For Pete’s sake wake up Britain – is there nobody, in power, with any sense of decency or the guts to do what needs to be done ?

She is but one example of the worst excesses of the Blair administration’s attempt to raise the profile of Muslims in Britain. Blair’s ridiculously incompetent, incoherent time at the helm of our country has impoverished most of the British people for at least one generation while he himself ambles round Israel and Palestine, charging us £4 million per year just for his Jerusalem office costs alone  (the people’s share of his “Quartet expenses”), as a peace envoy creating peace in the Middle East! 😯

This situation is so ludicrous that, to anyone with half a brain, he, together with that disgrace of a woman Uddin, should be simply arrested and retrained as a bottom washers in our retirement homes industry; at least there they might learn humility and earn their money.

To finish my rant I found this pictorial view of Blair’s true legacy to the nation:- all; of whom have disgraced themselves and are the lowest of the low but are left free to extrort even more cash from the raped tax payer.


The sound of gentle weeping can be heard …


PS: I thank for the picture of the Right Honorable Baroness.

PPS: Where is Hazel Blears, to name but one, in that ignominious lineup?


‘Would Jesus have ‘cast out’ the demonstrators at St Pauls’ …

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Last night’s Questiontime on BBC1 gave us that question – I have to say thanks to the gentleman who asked it 😉 Juilian Fellowes somewhat missed the point at first, but did recover later on, do watch him getting it wrong hehe!

I have to proclaim that I am an atheist, a latterday convert from the gentle Methodism of my family, but the treatment of Giles Fraser, by the ‘religulous’ committee that ‘run’ St Pauls Theme Park, has shown up today’s Anglican Christianity for the self righteous, pompous ‘Sadducees’* that they are. They have done the humanist and atheist cause a great service so tar very much mates!

Giles Fraser outside St Pauls

As a ‘cultural christian’ I can see that today’s ‘religulous’ authorities have little connection with Jesus’ Gospel teachings which were, on the whole, pretty radical and socialist for their times. 

The Jesus of the gospels would have ‘cast out’, not the protestors, BUT the ruling elite of the Cathedral and then re-instated Giles Fraser as the only one, of that disgraceful committee, who had got the point of his teachings 2000 years ago.

Once he had done that, Jesus would have invited the protestors in for a cup of tea and a biscuit, invited the TV news crews in, and given a sermon on the evils and irrelevance of hedge funds, self-serving bankers, short termist politicians and then told the protestors to occupy Canary Wharf tube station, while he set about disbanding the religions set up in his name, but not his message!
* I quote the “Catholic Encyclopedia on the Sadducees:- ” …during this period and down to the destruction of Jerusalem the Sadducees were naturally unpopular with the masses because of their marked tendency to side closely with the ruling power”. Basically they were the self perpetuating establishment health & safety committee of their day.

“Foxy was a werry naughty boy” (not too tough I hope Dave?) … G.o.D.

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Sir Gosh asking Dave if his essay was OK ...
Sir Gus O’Donnell, the current Cabinet Secretary, the highest rank in the British Civil Service, has today completed his exhaustive and painstakingly thorough investigation into the misdeeds of Liam Fox (former Minister of Defence) and his fwend Adam Werrity and has made some tough recommendations for the Prime Minister … 
Meanwhile, and in and alternate reality (the one you and I live in) somebody wrote …”Today, a soon to retire, civil servant wrote an essay that had no spelling mistakes, no, not even one. This incredible achievement means that Sir Gosh O’DontAskMeDifficultQuestionsPleaseImAbout ToRetire, will end his career with a composition of 2,737 words all about what SnottyFoxy did on his holidays with his chum Adamawaddamy Werrity. Now look here all you who might sneer at this work – It must have taken him at least 2 or 3 hours to write up AND with no spelling mistakes, unlike the mistakes that Foxy made (Oh, and he’s very, very sorry that he made the same mistake 42 times by the way …)”

His conclusion was that they were both werry werry naughty boys indeed and said that in future we must make the rules (about what Ministers of the Realm can and cannot do on their holidays) much clearer for them to read and understand (ah bless…)

His ruthless questioning of Mr Werrity will leave us all gasping at the sheer determination of Sir Gosh O’Dontbotherme’s fierce desire to cover up the truth as quickly as possible.

So then, another smarmy self serving, corrupt politician is let off the hook to resurface in a few months time.

In Prime Minister’s Questions today the opposition leader, the Right Honourable Eddie Millibean, couldn’t even score a point against this crass self serving corruption. 

Isn’t party politics so good for us all?

The sound of gentle weeping etc.  …

It’s a funny old world (#2) QE2; £75 billion “boost” for the economy!

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The casual hypocrisy of George Osborne:-

09/01/2009 – “QE is the last resort of desperate governments when all other policies have failed” – George Osborne in opposition

06/10/2011 – “QE is an appropriate tool” – George Osborne (reported on politics home)

Yes it is par for the course for politicians to lie and spout bollocks – this is a jolly good example.

Here is some sanity from my favourite BBC economics commentator, Stephanie Flanders,  who blogged  “Some say that QE is all a confidence trick – albeit, an important one. What, exactly, the Bank does is less important than the fact that it is seen to be doing something. The US comedian, Mitch Hedberg, had a line I reprised on the Today programme this morning: “My fake flowers died, because I forgot to pretend to water them.”

Which is slightly funnier but just as accurate as is my definition of Quantitative Easing espoused in meBook.

The sound of gentle weeping … etc.

Eurozone delusions continue

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Even now, when it is obvious to everyone but politicians, journalists and most economists, that “bailouts” don’t work – cannot work – never in a million years would work, do we have emergency meetings between, France, Germany and Greece “to sort out the ‘crisis'”, again. These meetings, being held today, won’t work either because of the refusal to face reality.

The reality is that Greece is totally bust, Portugal, Italy and Spain are almost bust and therefore the Euro is doomed because the remaining members of the Euro-zone will never be financially viable unless they grow at their own pace with their own currencies.

The European Union was only ever a political construct based on the need to stop Germany invading us all again! 

The Euro-zone was a political construct to kill off the USSR for good by tempting in the former Soviet Union’s satellite countries.

The real solution?

Move from denial to acceptance by:-

  • Realising that the 30 years old debt mountain madness has crippled the West and its current version of capitalism
  • Realising that the “markets” are self serving and are a pointless construct for you and me
  • Reforming the EU back into the EEC thus saving billions in pointless activity that serves nobody but the Berlusconis and Kinnocks of this world 
  • Letting the Hedge funds and casino banks take their long overdue haircuts
  • Waiting for 25 years while we gradually sort ourselves out.

That is reality – tell me I’m wrong and why!


In defence of David Starkey – he was right – “white is the new black”

David Stakey on Newsnight August 14th 2011
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I find David Starkey an interesting man in many ways and admire his perspective on today’s events when he does his “but of course, we have seen all this before …” routine.

I am not with him on his love affair with the monarchy, but in almost all other respects he is largely in agreement  with me. <ahem>. He is a bit of a dandy, sounds far too posh and is too small, all of which makes him an easy target – but the man is right!

He is particularly correct when he made his comments recently on Newsnight about “white is the new black” – a phrase which he started to explain in great detail – at which point he was shouted down by an ignorant oik (author of “Chavs”) and a black Guardian columnist who just could not give up being black and see that his analysis was indeed correct.

David Stakey on Newsnight August 14th 2011
David Stakey on Newsnight August 14th 2011

The studio discussion was about the riots and what caused them – Starkey agreed with “someone” who said they were simply “shopping with violence” – (I do admire that turn of phrase) which was absolutely spot on. But, oh dear me, the other two speakers went off on a PC liberal tabloid level rant about joblessness, social deprivation etc. Those arguments are completely valid of course, if we could usefully employ the nation’s young men (and ba dis I include da noo waaeet bloods ‘oo also want da bling and da threds innit*1) then the country would be a happier place.

 BUT, Starkey’s point was a simple one – the Jamaican black, rap, drug, gangsta culture has been absorbed by white disaffected youth, both male and female. This new, and very powerful, social grouping has replaced the family with the gang culture and has even provided a new language to learn – so they all sound da same wevver dey live in Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham or London – innit. 

I believe that what they are saying  is “we really want to belong, but we can’t”  🙁

All David Starkey was doing was putting forward an analysis which might provide the tools for an eventual solution – but thinking is apparently not allowed.

Dave Cameron is doing his normal PR thing – loads of fluff – very well presented of course – in true Blairite tradition – but no substance – very little long term thought and, of course, no money to actually resolve the problem.

If there is a criticism of Starkey to be made – it is that he was not clear enough / clever enough to put his point over in a very highly charged studio discussion with emotions running very high. The chair was not strong enough either and allowed the PC rant to overcome Starkey’s pertinent analysis. 

My solution? I have many, but one little beginning might be this, we have to find real jobs – in the cities initially – for thousands of young people. I suggest food production colleges growing the stuff we currently import from Holland, Spain, Africa and Italy. We use Hydroponics – develop brown field sites using Dutch greenhouse technology etc. The cost is huge of course -and to pay for it I advocate leaving the EU to actually allow us to take control of our own food supply. Leaving the EU would easily pay for that investment and keep the police in place that we are currently going to lose.

discuss …

*1 :- “and by this I include the white young crack cocaine users, employed or not, who are obsessed with consumerism on a false mission to replace simple happiness by consuming ever more shiny new things”


Reality bites – at last …triple AAA? (ask Mr Micawber, he knows)

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The AAA rating, by Mr Micawber’s definition (and that of reality and your grandmother) is earned when your income just exceeds your expenditure and that future prospects are stable. Neither of these simple criteria apply to any country in Europe, including Germany, and certainly not to the USA or to Great Britain. So why all the excitement when the USA which has not met these criteria for years (as indeed, we have not) loses the AAA rating?

Politicians have been lying their heads off for years, and money, an artificial contstruct at best, has been warped far away from its original purpose (a means of exchange) – that’s why. The incredible thing, to me at least, is that everyone (journalists, financial services and economists – but not the banks!) has been believing them and the warped money definition –  but it seems that some have at last woken up to the fact that having politicians in charge is just like a company being run by the marketing department. Reality will bite – once the customer has bought the product and found it not to be as advertised.

It has been a long time coming but Mr Micawber’s lesson is slowly beginning to be understood by economists.

Of course it will be a few weeks more before politicians and banks can bring themselves to understand, but reality will bite, sooner or later. It really is so easy to understand.

The Thatcher era started off the real stupidity of modern ‘fast’ stock market madness and the Blair / Brown followed on like unthinking lap dogs. Cameron is still lapping at the bowl of Blair’s stupidity – he (Cameron) will probably be  the last to get it.

But its all OK – really, if the banks are allowed to “take their haircut” – as they must in order to start correcting the massive overvaluation of the banks and the stock markets around the world. 

It will take just one brave politician somewhere to start the process – say with RBS, or Lloyds (banks that we the people now own). Return the banking model to that of the 1960s and a lot of very rich people will lose billions but reality will slowly return to the world.

Discuss …