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Royal hypocrites
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Everywhere I look in today’s news, I see that few see China, as one of the biggest problems in our globalised world. Most commentators see China’s “economic miracle” as something to be admired!

In my view, China’s miracle is an example to be feared, then understood, then faced and dispatched to the history books as a colossal error by the human race. I see, as does dear Robert Peston, who has done his best to explain the simple maths of the debt situation in China which is inevitably leading China (and the world) to a financial crash that will make 2008 look like a small blip.

Two ostriches with heads in sand
“In light of the fact that China owns most of the note debt on the US debt, I’d like to announce the following recognition…”

The ruling communist party has its head the the sands of the Gobi desert (there’s lots of oil & minerals there, yet to be exploited). The next financial, debt fuelled, meltdown will start as a response to China’s debt based “miracle” being spotted by the banks who loans cannot be repaid.

There are many growing arguments, mainly economic, against globalisation, but my main criticism is that it dehumanises the human race and diminishes individuality wherever it can, in pursuit of profit. Surely it is obvious to all that globalisation is concentrating power and money in the hands of small elite of ever richer people?

Globalisation was really kick-started around 1980 by China ditching Mao Tse-tung’s vision for China in favour of Deng Xiaoping’s market economy. Margaret Thatcher and a few others followed on in some gob smackingly bad and criminally incompetent decision making in allowing “the market” into areas where they should have been forever banned*1.

Going back to the elephant in the title of this piece, Prince Charles and William’s blind hypocrisy over Africa’s “Ivory trade” is yet another wonderful PR nail in the coffin for the Royal family. This, just days before Wills goes off to Spain to shoot wild boar. Anyone for a spot of bore hunting? 😉

Royal hypocrites
Two bores (geddit?) we would be better off without!

This however is small beer compared to China’s government support by inaction, of the sickening, illegal trade in Africa’s endangered species to cure erectile dysfunction in China’s male population. The Chinese Central Communist party has become far too powerful and threatens not just the people of China, but the rest of us too.

The Yellow river along with the Colorado river in the USA rarely reach the sea since 1975 because of hundreds of new dams and population pressure. See here for an analysis of how the world’s rivers are succumbing to overpopulation and over industrialisation.

But you won’t see this view on the BBC’s 6’o clock news today, but my guess is that you will soon!

*1 Privatisation of Britain’s water supply and electricity supply grid in the late 1980s + the deregulation of high street banks allowing them to act like merchant banks (that went well!)

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