Clegg’s proposed House of Lords reforms …

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Nick Clegg after the AV results were published
... just after the AV results were published

Nick Clegg is a huge disappointment to me, and to many people who were looking for a new political direction in the dying days of the Brown government; his academic writings and philosphical background were like a warm fire to me 15 months ago – but oh how times have changed!

OK then – what’s he done to upset me?

  • He actually wanted PR, not AV, as a parliamentary electoral system yet he “forced” a referendum on AV as part of the “coalition agreement”. The last time we had a referendum, back in 1975, it was about joining the EEC (NB: this was not the pile of poo we now have called the “EU”!). So, he should either have stuck to his principles and used his temporarily powerful position to get something useful done for the people. Referenda don’t come round very often and he completely screwed up on this one.
  • He is now proposing to rename the House of Lords as “Senate”, a word that belongs to a republic not to the primitive Monarchical jobby that we currently have and incidentally he does not want either.
  • However, the very worst of his proposed reforms is to increase religious voices in the new “Senate” instead of taking the opportunity to remove them all together, which as an atheist is what he really wants to do. So, as well as the priviliged nonsense from the Anglican ‘Lords Spiritual’ he proposes to add Muslim, Roman Catholic and Jewish voices into the reviewing legislature. Sunni or Shi-ite? Orthodox or liberal Jews and what about the Scientologists, after all they get tax breaks too! (Yup, I know it sounds bonkers but alas it is true).Clegg has clearly sold up any principles he held dear to the Westminster power / money game and looks desperately miserable as a result.

Chris Huhne seems to have been caught lying to the police about a driving issue, Vince the Cable has blotted his copybook, by telling us the truth about the BSkyB takeover, so where next for the Liberal Democrats?

Nick has to go back to his liberal principles and try to get just one of his genuinely held views out there.

Are you listening Nick? Because I, and many others “agree with you” still, but for how much longer ..?