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I am greatly amused by the frantic anti Jeremy Corbyn campaign being waged by the other three Labour party leadership contenders. 😉

They simply do not understand why Corbyn is so popular with many Labour supporters, and many of us. The reason is, that Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper (AKA Mrs Balls) are still speaking and thinking poli-balls. They have not twigged that we the people don’t like it.

The bookies' view of the candidates according to the Daily Telegraph
The bookies’ view of the candidates support in the labour party, according to the Daily Telegraph

(Ed: I wonder why Ms Cooper uses her maiden name? Me: Can’t imagine…)

Poli-balls is my description for the meaningless drivel that politicians started spouting from around the time of Tony Bliar. It is the same slimy, smarmy, indifferent language used by Blair, Cameron and all the other career politicians that the rest of the nation have come to loathe.

Jeremy Corbyn uses the same language as Nigel Farage. Its called English, and we understand both of them. They are the only two politicians worth listening to at the moment, and that does not say much for the state of government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Even the Labour deputy leader campaign, started a few days ago, produces the same meaningless claptrap:-

“We need to become a campaigning party again” said one of them. She said that phrase about ten times during a short interview on the Radio 4 Today program last week. Her confused thinking is typical of today’s career party politician who has forgotten that they are there to serve the people of Great Britain. They, however, are only concerned with the future existence of the party and that consumes 90% of their time.  My contention is that the party is well and truly over. We the people want something else.

Another answer to the phenomenon, is that many labour party supporters don’t see the need for yet another Conservative party. After all, we already have three of them, New Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Conservative party itself 😉

Yet another answer is that Jeremy Corbyn is speaking common sense. He suggests, amongst other ideas, that we:-

a) Re-nationalise our rail system.

b) Re-nationalise our National Grid.

I wholeheartedly agree, and I would add that there are some things that should be in public ownership; our water supply being the prime example. Those national assets were sold off by Thatcher, desperate to balance the books when she took us to war over the Falklands.

As for Yvette Cooper saying that Corbyn’s policies are a backward step, I would say that he is simply wanting to correct the humongous privatisation errors committed by that dreadful Thatcher administration in the 1980s

Clueless Cooper, Boring Burnham and Kendall Fruitcake are lost in their own funny little world. If any one of them is elected next leader, that is the end of the labour party for generations to come.

Jeremy Corbyn is not the answer either. He has the faith virus and has said many times that religious belief should be respected.

Why on earth should I respect a religion that places women 8 feet behind a man, literally and metaphorically (Islam)

Why on earth should I respect a religion that goes to extraordinary lengths to protect child molesting priests? (Roman Catholicism).

Why on earth should I respect a religion that demands that prawns and pigs are the spawn of hell (Judaism and Islam)?

I can barely tolerate those banal, silly and primitive, messages, but respect them? Respect for religions is a flawed liberal position which need changing by our leaders, and fast!


We don’t like all of what Nigel or Jeremy have to say, but sadly they are the best of a sad bunch.

Sad, is it not?

4 thoughts on “Corbynaphobia

  1. Corbynaphobia….before the main elections, I didnt think Labour would win.. a leader with no personality.. J.Corbyn has all that and more, hope they will sucseed on the next election. as far as his policy… I like what i read and can only agree, good luck to him.Personally, with Immediate effect….stop building any more mosques..demolish Human rights lark.. so vendictive and ungratefull buggers can be deported also foreign criminals.. shut down Islamist schools or make sure they also teach English and our way of life.. also I would like The Oath of Allegiance to be re intreduce… anyone speaks against Queen & Brittain… kick them out..there is more lol 🙂 some other time.. lastly did politicians had to be over 60 to make sense at last? 🙂

    1. Thank you Arto – I agree and I think JC is more in touch with the people than are his failed leadership contenders. We may now actually have some real debates about British political issues rather than the bland poli-balls we all loathe!

  2. There are two quite extraordinary movements in the Labour party at present driven by the ridiculous £3 join up fee to vote in the forthcoming leadership election; apparently the Labour party has trebled in size to around 600,000 since the election in May. The first significant movement is the love-fest for Corbyn, an appeal to the ‘common man’. The three main threads of his arguments are: generate greater tax revenue, nationalising certain industries and printing a lot more money. These tenets are all flawed. Firstly, the idea of raising taxation to penalise the rich is absurd, all that happens is that the rich avoid/evade the liability leaving the squeezed middle classes to bear the brunt of it. Secondly, nationalising key industries removes the competitive profit-motive & drive necessary in a well-balanced capitalistic society. These industries are too well entrenched to turn back the tide. The cost to the tax payer would be enormous, once the money has been found, to buy up companies that politicians have no idea how to run. Thirdly, printing more money to aid the anti-austerity measures is just plain barmy. We would end up with a government printing more money to plough into nationalised industries buy-backs to be run by those politicians again that we are trying to remove.

    The second movement is the mystery surrounding why there are no real leaders currently in the Labour party able to front the organisation. Fifty years ago the Labour party stood proud with a succession of strong leaders for the working man. That has all disappeared as the ‘working man’ has morphed into lower middle class; we no longer have the poverty, poor conditions and high unemployment that a trade union biased party need to stand up for the working class. Labour has moved so far right that Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham are offering up thinly disguised Liberal and Tory policies. There is no answer to this until, heaven forbid, we are faced with another significant war to fight, or complete financial meltdown and only then will the working man be more properly represented.

    1. Magus, answer to your mooted “flaws”
      1) Taxation: In only 4 years in the last 110, have governments been able to raise more tax revenue than they spend. Governments are pretty damn useless economic planners.
      Only the rich have the money from which tax mat be raised, so your argument is flawed. It is not a penalty but just dues to a nation where everyone wants to live, Russians, Arabs etc. 😉 Catch my drift.
      2) Re-nationalisation: Our water supply is now owned by a weird combination of foreign based corporate entities. Any attempts at a unified water supply for the nation have been lost by Thatcher’s criminal incompetence! Our national grid is similarly owned by foreign entities. At a guess, the British people are paying 10-15% more than is necessary by funding profits upon which no tax is paid because the owners are not resident!
      3) I agree on printing money, but ALL governments do it and all parties criticise it when in opposition. QE just saves the banks for the time being and Corbyn’s suggestion to nationalise RBS has already happened! It should have been merged into the Post Office banking system but the myopic Tories can’t grab the opportunity when it stares them in the face. It is the decision to sell the damn thing at a loss and not to recover Fred the Shred’s ridiculous pension that requires Cameroon and George Osbollock to be jailed!

      Looking forward to lunch 😉 x


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