3 thoughts on “Daniel Hannan on Gordon Brown – a classic …

  1. Haha, so you think he tried to baffle people with gibberish that sounded intelligent and made the economy sound complex when the economy is actually simple? If it is simple then can you explain it simply in one short paragraph including stuff about interest rates, mortgages, lending, borrowing, spending, the stock market, private companies, public spending, oil prices, importing and exporting and probably other things I have forgotten/don’t know about?

    If most people understood properly how all those things fit together then they could make a much more informed vote than they probably do already. If politicians are deliberately keeping the public confused about it then we need someone to explain it in a simple way that most people can understand!

  2. I find it incredible that Brown has any credibility, at all, in the world – so I have sympathy with you NatureLover, the situation can appear complex – that is what Brown was very very good at – most politicians are – that is what I mean when I talk about about “micro-intelligence” – having a high IQ does not necessarily equate to wisdom, or indeed to being “right”.

  3. How the economy works seems like a huge complex thing to me which I struggle to understand so I find it hard to know who to believe about who is good and bad in all this, but I suppose if what this man is saying about Britain being in a worse state than many other countries is true, then that is something to take notice of. GB did say that in his ‘plan’ things had to get worse before they got better and this would take time though.


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