David Cameron ‘extremely angry’ over rail franchise errors

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May I present the latest example of the blitheringly obvious being missed by politicians and their slimy attempts to blame anyone but themselves! Oh, and by the way, this is going to cost the tax payer around £150m in compensation payments and a rerun of the bidding fiasco!

I’m so annoyed at myself – I am going to sack me – I really am!

First Group’s winning bid was based on revenues growing by 10% per annum for years to come! That was headline news some weeks ago.

To any first year student of politics, accounting or indeed anyone who lives, or has lived, in the real world this was obviously bollocks nonsense!

“Those responsible for the mistakes would be held to account, he promised.” Well Dave – off you go and take your two faced cronies like Osborne and Jeremy Hunt with you!!

UK growth, a dubious desire at best (in an over populated world) and one that will be elusive for the next few years anyway, is just a hope desired and ‘wished for devoutly’ by all political parties who, without it, are seen to be what they really are – clueless, impotent amateurs.

In a world that should soon and finally realise that page 1 of Keynsian economics does not cut it when so much greed funded debt has distorted market theories beyond any text book solution that Keynes himself had envisaged.

Even JM Keynes would not offer a Keynesian solution to the mess we are all in now. However this is missed by the aptly named ‘Balls’, the shadow chancellor.

Keynes however would sit back a bit and think of a new solution.

What might that be?

Well, since you ask …

1) Go back to the 1960’s world where Merchant banks went bust and high street banks could not go bust – i.e. remove the deregulation introduced by Thatcher and continued with under Bliar & Broon.

2) Charge tax on all money earned from within the UK at a flat rate of 30%. (What a revolutionary idea!)

3) Outlaw the criminal tax shelters that most British politicians are funded by and support.

4) Wait for 30 years while we slowly remove debt from personal, private, corporate and public sphere

Boring isn’t it?

Alternative solutions are ..?

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