David Cameron’s hypocrisy today

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Having just read the front page of today’s Sunday Times, I justĀ  had to make this short comment on David Cameron’s hypocrisy and his blatant attempt at self publicity.

Just before the 2016 referendum he gave this televised promise “… I will implement the people’s decision whatever the outcome..”.

He then resigned the very next day running away from his promise and then hid for three years in his caravan writing his self congratulatory memoir.

His quote yesterday “I’m sorry I failed” should really have been “Sorry I ran away from my promise, I have no backbone!”

One of the finest Private Eye covers ever.

A completely self consumed hypocrite just like John Major and Tony Blair.

We are all in this together.” remember that pile of poo from Cameron?

He accuses Boris Johnson of the same hypocrisy that he displayed. He should have gone to Specsavers!

Both he and Boris are made of the same clay but Boris may well have grown up a little?

Let us hope so.

PS: No I will not buy his damn memoir.

(Ed: I think think we had already got that!)


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