EU 2014 fallout; a ray of hope for the EEC?

Clegg in the Poo
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Our “None of the above” protest vote is still not being heard by any of the political parties.

Clegg in the Poo
Clegg in the Poo

What we the people have said is what none of those in power want to hear.

We, the people, have said it, not just in Britain, but, all over Europe.

The knee jerk response to the EU, is UKIP’s “out is best”. I have a fair degree of sympathy with that view, but let’s examine the alternatives.

Notice, I do not mention immigration once and that is where UKIP have gone wrong in my view. The immigration policies of the EU, Labour, Lib-dims and Tory have been crazy for the last 20 years, but that’s not the main problem with Europe. The damage done to the fabric of Britishness is what most upsets many who directly experience the ghettoisation of many cities in the UK. Multi-culturalism was the issue, misunderstood by the political class and never dealt with; these EU election results and UKIP’s success is the result.

We the people never wanted the astonishing intrusion to our national identity, that is the direct result of EU law.

The main problem with the EU is that it was the EEC that we all voted for in the 1975 referendum.
– the EEC was a sensible construct; designed to stop Germany shooting at us all again
– the EEC was an economic collaboration of similar advanced European countries; it made sense
– the EEC morphed into a wishy washy federalist state designed by faceless twits in Brussels
– the EU is far too big and is run by failed politicians from Portugal & Belgium
– the EU is completely undemocratic, therefore, crass decisions are never opposed
– the job of an MEP is pointless; their votes do not count towards policy decisions at all (by design)
– corruption & inefficiency is endemic
– ridiculous situations are perpetuated, e.g.
– the fortnightly move from Brussels to Strasbourg in a fleet of lorries
– the Common Agricultural Policy which favours France to the point of idiocy
– inflated salaries are the norm for jobs that do nothing for we the people
– as for the Euro, words almost fail me. The Euro-zone “crisis” remains un-addressed. Disaster still lurks while they hope it goes away

The required reforms are these:-
– the complete unwinding of the EU back to the EEC (i.e. pre-Maastricht)
– the removal of the Euro from all but Germany, France and perhaps Holland. The rest of the Euro-zone is so economically primitive that it just beggars belief that it was allowed to join.

David Cameraman wants to tinker with bits here and there but still supports the global pro-EU businesses that support the Tory party.euroresults25may14-1-478158 Labour still can’t accept that Ed Millibean is a joke, perhaps a number 2, but NOT a leader. The Lib-dims (who dey?) still can’t accept that Nick Clegg (who he?) is unelectable and that the EU needs such fundamental reform that his continued support for it is just ridiculous.

So then, perhaps UKIP are right after all, there’s just too much wrong with the EU. Let’s just get out and renegotiate individual agreements like we used to.
It will be OK, don’t listen to words of fear, its only globalised commerce that’s scared of a smaller EU, less easy money to be made.


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