“Foxy was a werry naughty boy” (not too tough I hope Dave?) … G.o.D.

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Sir Gosh asking Dave if his essay was OK ...
Sir Gus O’Donnell, the current Cabinet Secretary, the highest rank in the British Civil Service, has today completed his exhaustive and painstakingly thorough investigation into the misdeeds of Liam Fox (former Minister of Defence) and his fwend Adam Werrity and has made some tough recommendations for the Prime Minister … 
Meanwhile, and in and alternate reality (the one you and I live in) somebody wrote …”Today, a soon to retire, civil servant wrote an essay that had no spelling mistakes, no, not even one. This incredible achievement means that Sir Gosh O’DontAskMeDifficultQuestionsPleaseImAbout ToRetire, will end his career with a composition of 2,737 words all about what SnottyFoxy did on his holidays with his chum Adamawaddamy Werrity. Now look here all you who might sneer at this work – It must have taken him at least 2 or 3 hours to write up AND with no spelling mistakes, unlike the mistakes that Foxy made (Oh, and he’s very, very sorry that he made the same mistake 42 times by the way …)”

His conclusion was that they were both werry werry naughty boys indeed and said that in future we must make the rules (about what Ministers of the Realm can and cannot do on their holidays) much clearer for them to read and understand (ah bless…)

His ruthless questioning of Mr Werrity will leave us all gasping at the sheer determination of Sir Gosh O’Dontbotherme’s fierce desire to cover up the truth as quickly as possible.

So then, another smarmy self serving, corrupt politician is let off the hook to resurface in a few months time.

In Prime Minister’s Questions today the opposition leader, the Right Honourable Eddie Millibean, couldn’t even score a point against this crass self serving corruption. 

Isn’t party politics so good for us all?

The sound of gentle weeping etc.  …


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