What we learned about China in 2020 …

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.. and what we should do about it in 2021.

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What we learned in 2020:

  • China has rapidly become a dangerous tyranny under Xi Jinping.

    Xi Jinping and Putin know how to get things done!
  • Democracy became a dirty word to President Xi, as we saw in Hong Kong, and we did nothing.
  • China has embraced the worst parts of capitalism and cares nothing for human rights or the rule of law.
  • It digs holes in the third world and exploits their populations by creating huge, unrepayable debt mountains. It is far more destructive than anything the British Empire ever did.

    Chinese take-away
  • Trump maybe a disaster but he called Covid-21 by its correct name “the Chinese virus”.
  • The virus was first found in 2011, in a bat cave in southern China, and samples were taken to the Wuhan virology laboratory in 2012. The rest is history.
  • China’s cover up of Covid-19’s release meant jail, or disappearance for all those who tried to raise the alarm; we said nothing.
  • Professor Anne-Marie Brady exposed China’s attempt to corrupt politics and steal scientific technology in Australia and New Zealand (and here in the UK). She so embarrassed Canterbury University (New Zealand) that they bizarrely criticised her work.
  • A Chinese citizen journalist who covered Wuhan’s coronavirus outbreak has just been jailed for four years. Her crime? I quote from the judgement:: “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”. Golly and gosh!

What we should do in 2021 having learned our lessons:

  • Stop buying cheap stuff from China.
    • It is NOT cheap. China’s goods were never cheap because we now know the real cost;  global pollution; climate change and failed capitalism.
  • We must realise that local just has to be better than ever increasing the global movement of goods and people by air.
  • Our government should openly criticise the UN and the WHO for supporting China.
  • Stop Chinese student spies coming here until China has a functioning  opposition party. Send those that are here back – now!
    • OK, I do know its all far too late but what the heck!
  • Remove Huawei kit from our data networks even faster than Boris Johnson has intimated.
  • Start making the world a bit smaller again, please. Less really is more.

All that is obvious to me and hopefully to our government and all of you?

What are you going to do about it?

1 thought on “What we learned about China in 2020 …

  1. What to do? It’s hard to believe that back in the 1920’3 China was a vibrant and active democracy. Elections were held and a parliament formed but the military put an end to that, just as free speech appeared to be developing. Stalin backed Mao and the rest is history. So the monster has grown to its present day size. Somewhat late in the day, all we can do is impose sanctions (laugh), undermine China’s reputation on the world stage (more laughing I fear) and regularise the UN General Assembly, although I fear this is too late with China being a major contributor. The editor is right when he states we must get the wretched Huawei kit out of our country much sooner than planed. As for the COVID crisis, China’s mindset is laid bare with the four-year jail sentence handed out to the investigative journalist who ‘blew the whistle’. Happy New Year……


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