Bah, Poo & Piffle (2010 – 2020)

A Manifesto for a secular & philosophical future for Britain …

  • Update 5th September 2019 I really must finish this book soon, because everything I have written about over the last ten years and my prophesies have come true!
    • Even Jeremy Paxman agrees with me now Channel 4 “Why are our politicians so crap” (his words).

The book points out the incompetence & cock-ups  made by those who have governed the British people since the second world war, with a few laughs along the way.

All political parties perpetuate their own myths and some even have shared, irrational belief systems which I expose below:-

  • The myth that economic growth is the way out of “the mess we are all in”.
    • Just think about it for just a minute and you will see that growth cannot go on for ever.
    • We need to start thinking about a sustainable world population with diminishing food and water resources.
    • This is a job for governments; business will never do it, why would they?
  • We need to replace economic growth as the main measure for betterment of the human condition.
  • Growth needs a far better definition than the current one based on GDP. Debt based growth (i.e. the growth we have had for the last 30 years) is not growth at all and has only achieved a massive redistribution of wealth from most of us to a very few of “them”.
  • The “belief” that privatisation works for all activities: Our British railways mess is one big argument for re-nationalisation ASAP!
  • The “belief” that we are all “created” equal: We are not! The Normal Curve disproves that again and again.
  • The myth we all have inalienable human rights:
    • We don’t! Human rights are defined by philosophers, taken on by a nations leaders, won initially by war and violence and then maintained by peace, an army plus a ministry of defence.

The main theme of my book is that Party Politics has become a real hindrance to rational thought and the wise governance of Britain.

Apart from the fact that the main three parties are all fighting over the same middle ground, far too much brainpower is spent on politicking fluff rather than the business of actually managing our public resources and steering Britain through the world’s choppy waters.

The Introduction plus chapters 1 and 2 are available to read now at the foot of this page.

Each of the competing “isms” (Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Religionism etc.) have a few truths but all are a bit more wrong than they are right. They all contain universal truths but attempt to provide a “theory of everything” (the physicist’s Holy Grail to explain our perception of reality without the need for a god). The truth is far less certain and more complex.

That is all fine by me; I have accepted that we are an evolving, imperfect species in a chaotic universe.

So then, what do we need?

  1. A repository of wisdom?
  2. A new politics “of the people for the people”.
  3. Can we learn from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the European Enlightenment?
  4. What then can we, or rather you, do about it?

I have a few ideas to share in my long awaited book “Bah, Poo and Piffle”.

I am still writing Chapter 17, but the end is in sight.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Make a cup of coffee, have a biscuit and read the Introduction and opening two chapters below. The files are PDF format and have clickable links to web sites for further illumination and fun. The YouTube of Gordon Brown dealing with the MPs’ expenses debacle is a must see 😉


Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (bottom of page 37 – Daniel Hannan Youtube clip is just the best 😉 )


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