My Books

I have written two books, both as yet unpublished, but I hope to change this in the next year or so.

Neither book is academic but rather a synthesis of some very well researched work by others.

Some of you might want to explore further and my sources are mentioned in bibliographies.

All writers pinch from each other. In fact Confucius said, two thousand five hundred ago, that this process is critical to education.

The Faith Virus

I started my second book six months before the Covid-19 virus appeared.

It exposes the real danger that faith promotes and explains why faith must be replaced by our natural humanity.

The book is aimed at younger readers who have yet to catch the faith virus.

It may also be of interest  to those who might be questioning the absence of their gods or god and why he she or it stopped smiting two thousand years ago 😉

Faith causes so many problems and the book explains why faith schools are so dangerously divisive for our future society.

I attempt humour where I can but my sources never do.

Try finding some humour in the Qur’an or the Bible, you will soon see what I mean 😉

PS: I refer, in my book, to a book by Phyllis Graham called the Jesus Hoax which is now out of print but I have made it available as a downloadable PDF The Jesus hoax by Phyllis Graham.

PPS: I also refer to Triumph in Defeat: Lost Origins of Jesus Sayings by Mark N Zion PDF Triumph in Defeat Lost Origins of Jesus Sayings

The Normal Curve

My first book is aimed at primarily at younger readers reading about politics for the first time.

Those who may think, quite correctly, that politics and politicians are not working for them might like to read it too.

In three or four hours reading you will have a good overview of why we are all fed up with politics and politicians.

You will be shocked and dismayed at how the system really works and may just want to do something about it.

The Normal Curve (or Bell Curve) is a graph used to show how real stuff is distributed.

For example, IQ in a given population or measuring the height differences of 18 year old boys.

I use this simple statistical method to criticise so many policy decisions made by party politicians.