The Faith Virus

There is no god but that’s OK, we have each other

  • Two thousand five hundred years ago Confucius, Buddha and Socrates all concluded, at different time and thousands of miles apart, that a caring god simply did not exist.

  • Abraham, Jesus, and the religion created in his name, did their best to cheat humanity of their wisdom.

  • Once you realise that its just you, me and other humans who care for and rescue people, cure and help people then adult reality beckons! Welcome!

  • So, why are so many people still listening to deluded men in frocks? There are even some deluded women in frocks now, but god knows why?

    • Even if she did exist, what is the point of genuflecting to something that never acknowledges your existence?

Questions for religious leaders

  • Do Jews really still think that their messiah is still coming?
  • Do Christians ever wonder why Jesus never came back when he said he would?
    • Perhaps they have never actually read those bits in the New Testament or just chose to ignore his clear messages, repeated in all four gospels?

My answer is in Chapter 9 page one, either Jesus lied, was misquoted or..?

Questions for all

  • How come faith still a valid position to many, supposedly well educated, people?

  • Why have so many gods disappeared in the last two thousand years and why did those gods start disappearing when more of us were able to read?

  • Why is the rational, glowing light of the European Enlightenment (The Age of Reason) not taught in every school from the age of five?

The answer?

Faith is the problem which needs to be called out for the confusion and mental anguish it causes for children and the irrational, often violent problems it provokes in adults.

Is it my mission to convert those of faith?

  • No, I’d largely be wasting my time, because once you have caught the faith virus. It is almost impossible to remove. Instead, my time is better spent trying to free young minds from being brainwashed in the first place.

  • Therefore I support the abolition of all faith schools, the disestablishment of the Church of England from the parliamentary law making process. We should actively encourage the teaching of philosophy in all schools.

  • I encourage this by supporting the Humanist Society and National Secular Society.

Derek Ruskin 2021

PS: Covid-19 had not yet emerged when I started planning and writing this book so my use of the word virus is co-incidental.

PPS: I refer, in my book, to a book by Phyllis Graham called the Jesus Hoax which is now out of print but I have made it available on my website as a downloadable PDF The Jesus hoax by Phyllis Graham.

PPS: I also refer to Triumph in Defeat: Lost Origins of Jesus Sayings by Mark N Zion – Triumph in Defeat Lost Origins of Jesus Sayings