Politics redefined and now Trust redefined. Duck palace anyone?

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Politics used to mean “Of the people for the people”.

Politics now means “Of the MPs and for the MPs”. And, of course, for the supporting 24/7 Westminster bubble journalism industry.

No Deal was the default position voted for by MPs in 2016! By a huge majority.

MPs then voted a further three times to make Brexit happen on March 29th 2019.

What changed? A Prime Minister brow beaten by Brussels bureaucrats because she didn’t understand what to do. Boris Johnson does.

After last night’s vote our trust in our MPs and their system is now completely destroyed.

Our trust in them, of course, had been waning since the end of the Thatcher era , hastened by the Blair years and finally lost by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Theresa May.

This duck palace, paid for by we the people, is the image that defined the downfall of our trust in our MPs. Ten years on from the MPs’ expenses scandal which exposed just what politicians had been claiming,

The duck palace opposite sums up their view of us.

My view of them can best be represented by a sigh of disbelief.

I am sure most of us now feel as if we are on a different planet to the one resided in by most of our MPs?

They, since the 2016 referendum, thought it was all about them and the party political system of representative democracy.

But the 2016 referendum had the completely unintended consequence of energising we the British voters to take part again.

Our myopic, insulated MPs just could not believe the result! (Ed: and neither did Boris & his mate Gove 😉 )

They still don’t understand what happened.

There is a lot a talk about trust this morning but “they” are talking about trust in Westminster and in the party political system.

They are not talking about our trust in them, they don’t care about that, yet.

History will call them charlatans, disconnected, self interested bottom feeders and the slayers of the people’s democracy.

Shame on them.

Boris Johnson ain’t perfect but he is, by far, the best we have until a real grown up appears. It might even be him, I cannot see anyone else to support.

Time will tell and I can’t wait to be 5 years older and look back on this preposterous era.

I would just rather not be here now!

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