Nobody agrees with Nick – or Vince

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Nobody has ‘agreed with Nick‘ for three years. Now, even Vince ‘the’ Cable has joined that club of pollishituns who have shafted the public and refuse to take responsibility by resigning.

Vince gets ready for retirement
Vince gets ready for retirement

Vince Cable, the man who foresaw the financial disaster of 2008, is no more, and should resign after his disastrous mishandling the Royal Mail privatisation. He still speaks, but his words are mealy-mouthed establishment twaddle.

In every privatisation of public assets, since Thatcher’s dark days in the 1980s, the only winners have been the investment bankers who “oversaw” each under-priced share issue. Politicians have been routinely shafted by clever businesses who pay little tax here.

As a result, we the public have been shafted too, our assets raped and pillaged by nameless offshore tax avoiders unprotected by clueless and inept polishituns of both ruling parties.

Do not approach these thieves, they have arms and are dangerous to the public.

Nick Clegg, who many of us once saw as a possible good future for UK politics, self combusted after lying to a whole generation of students over the college tuition fees issue. He continues to support a corrupt, incompetent EU, hell bent on enforcing a uniform Belgian mediocrity for all, in a United States of Europe, and few understand why.

Their Lib Dem and Con-servative party political chums still support Nick & Vince but for how much longer? We the people certainly do not!

Taking responsibility is now a meaningless phrase, which actually means “I’m very sorry, but I need the job, my 11% pay rise and the luvverly pension and benefits. So, piss off please. I am not resigning, and anyway what are you going to do about it?