Our Dave gives a master class in arse covering

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David Cameron wriggling but failing to cover his arse

The main theme of meBook  is that “party” politics corrupts the decision making process in government thus ensuring that unforgivable errors are made in managing Britain’s resources.
The last few days have made me glad to be grumpy – my cup runneth over with material for a grump-fest not seen since Blair made the BBC apologise for telling the truth about his mad, bad, god inspired decision to invade Iraq.
Politics” (original meaning = ‘of the people’) has come to mean (‘of the politicians’) and this subtle and ego driven corruption has spawned the current media frenzy.

Meanwhile, in the real world we, with the time and inclination to see, can see the soap opera for what it is – a mad panicky attempt to maintain the power base of our political masters and their support base of journalists who earn their salaries by talking about power mad egocentric marketing executives (that’s the current and last government if you were wondering…

Dave’s speech yesterday was straight out of chapter 1 of “Arse Covering for Idiots” and fooled no-one, well, not me … 😉 Please watch Dave  “taking full responsibility” … by staying in his job to save his arse, pension, credibility and salary. (55 seconds of skin crawling fake humility …yuk)!


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