Our leaders’ decisions are mostly bonkers, why?

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Reading the news, since the 12th December election, has been quite illuminating but equally depressing.

Dominic Cummings isn’t as daft as he looks and I hope Boris is actually listening to him – he speaks sense.

I’m not talking about global warming, plastic waste pollution or the ever increasing ability of our politicians to “take responsibility” by just saying the words but remaining in place.

I’m talking about the ridiculous decisions being taken, about to be taken, not taken or avoided by those whose job it is to make competent decisions.

Many of the decision making processes used by our clever political and educational leadership elite are simply bonkers.

The decisions made as a result of theses bonkers processes produce long term errors that will be hugely costly to correct; that is, if they ever are or can be.

Here are ‘6 of the worst’, but there are so many more it is quite worrying.


  1. Why allowing Huawei into our G5 networks is bonkers

    • Huawei is so closely controlled by Xi Jinping’s bonkers totalitarian Chinese state that any decision by our government to let them anywhere near our proposed 5g infrastructure is just bonkers silly.
    • I realise Donald Trump is an ignoramus and largely bonkers, but in the case of Huawei he is quite right!
    • Let’s hope Boris is using silence on this point to get a good trade deal with the USA.
    • Boris could then quietly agree to drop Huawei at the last minute and work with the USA to build our own 5g system.
    • OK, it may arrive one to two years later than Huawei’s system, but we would be in control and the money is spent in the UK & Britain. Obvs! Simples!.
    • Final point; China is actually ahead of the West in developing Quantum computer technology; implying truly unbreakable encryption.
      • we should send some of our students over there to nick their technology … 😉
        • My point here is that the Chinese have been pinching our secrets for years just by paying student fees for their spies to become embedded in our best research laboratories.
  2. Why male to female Trans people demanding to use female loos is bonkers

    • A female Oxford history Don has been “no-platformed” because of her stated disagreement to male trans users demanding to use female loos. This is the latest example of academic liberal academic nonsense rapidly destroying freedom of speech in our universities.
    • Those supporting trans people are simply bonkers.
    • Why?
      • My answer is based on common sense as opposed to recent but growing liberal ideology, which appears to be the new “PC”.
        • If you have still have a penis then you use male loo.
        • If you have a vagina then you use the female loo.
        • If you have both sets of genitalia there are so few of you that I don’t really see a problem – use either.
        • Most of “wee the people” do not mind.
  3. Why HS2 is bonkers

    • HS2 will make journeys to and from London faster to some cities in the north of England.
    • It is that link which is being done first.
    • This is bonkers, here’s why.
    • It makes most sense to the dysfunctional HS2 Ltd management who are earning ludicrous sums of money for making bonkers decisions.
      • They need the first tranche of profits to be made South of Birmingham because that is easier. Because that is where they have been looking first being Londoncentric money men.
    • In order to actually create the much proclaimed northern powerhouse you have to make northern east west journeys easier first!
    • Simply doing the southern part first just makes the whole thing London centric which misses the point entirely.
    • Here is where the main problem is and where the main benefit should be felt first..
      • Connect Liverpool to Sheffield etc.
      • Listen to those in York and on Humberside. Get them connected first with better rail links.
    • This complete cock-up is being made because those influencing the decision are going to make most of the money, completely missing the real reason for improving our railway connections.
    • The most laughable reason, stated last week, for going ahead with HS2, is that “we have spent so much money on preparations so far we can’t stop now” .
    • Well, most of that cost is land purchase, so just sell it back! Simples!
    • Finally, the cost overruns are out of control; HS2 Ltd directors are just making bonkers money for crass decision making.
    • We need to scrap HS2 Ltd, sell off the land for forestry and agriculture.
    • Then we can start again by putting the railroad, trains and time tabling all back together in one new corporation.
    • I don’t really mind if it is run by private enterprise or nationalised BUT it all needs to be together! Obvs.
    • We could even call it British Rail … 😉
  4. Why potential Labour leaders are still bonkers

    • Actually I can’t tell you why the main leadership contenders are so blinkered in their continued support of the Corbyn legacy.
    • The main contenders are either ex-remainers or Trotskyists. All are bonkers and in complete denial of their recent election disaster.
    • I watched Emily Thornbury in last Thursday’s Questiontime. She was told quite clearly that she was deluded and bonkers by one panel member and several in the audience.
    • That’s what happens when you believe your own hype and only listen to others who are as deluded as yourself.
    • The winner is being announced on April 1st…;-)
    • Labour: RIP
  5. Why the EU and Macron in particular are bonkers

    • President Macron of France wants 25 years of free access to the UK’s fishing waters or he won’t play.
    • This is the EU’s opening salvo in the coming trade negotiations.
    • My answer, to quote Maggie Thatcher, is “No, No and no.”
    • The EU has missed the main fact which is that we don’t have to listen to their bonkers announcements any more.
    • Hurrah!
  6. What programs are the BBC planning to cut to save cash?

    • Celebrity nonsense on BBC 1, 2 and 3? Nope.
    • Celebrity Antique road show? Nope
    • The One Show? Nope
    • Victoria Derbyshire current affairs? Yup
    • Newsnight? Yup
    • Shorter Today on Radio 4? Yup
    • The 50% of their megalithic website that nobody uses? Nope
      • BONKERS


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