The death of BBCs ‘Have your say’

BBC – Have Your Say debate What are you giving up for Lent?
17-Feb-2010 11:05
HYS just died – so I am being forced to give it up!

This is BBC going through what I hope is just a bad phase of PC, techno driven stupidity.

BBC3 is rubbish save some dosh & bin it.

We the people have not forgiven you for allowing yourselves to be run over by the Gilligan affair. He was right – you were so wrong not to fight for truth and shame Blair & his dreadful regime!

Please listen to me & those who are criticising this – you are just plain wrong!

We love what was the BBC!

BBC Have Your Say – Should there be more religion on tv?

BBC – Have Your Say debate Should there be more religion on tv?
Wednesday, 10 February, 2010, 14:38
A question, if I may, to the BBC ..?

Your current Charter calls for 110 hours of religious programming – why then are you increasing funding to provide 168 hours this year?

Could it be that the top brass are all Catholic or Anglican?

Shurely not!

On a more serious note … I suspect that you are in breach of your own guidleines by broadcasting any religious content at all.

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What next for Afghanistan?

BBC – Have Your Say debate What next for Afghanistan?
SENT: 01-Nov-2009 10:33
Support the education of girls in the cities – that is all we can do – and then wait for the 3 generations it will take to move out of the 9th century.

Read “Three cups of tea” and weep at the failure, self interest and hubris of politicians everywhere …

Perhaps we can start now the fight we should be fighting – the Wahabism of Saudi! Saudi funded the Madrassas that spread Islamism to Afg & Pkn.

Let us please re-discover the wisdom of the European enlightenment – the “Age of Reason”.
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