Remember Chilcot ..? The dodgy dossier et al ..?

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The enquiry under Sir John Chilcot set up in 2009 has yet to report.

The total expenditure since 2009 is £7,479,400, and of course worth every penny! That from the Chilcot Inquiry’s own web page.

If you remember, this enquiry was the 4th attempt to establish the “truth” behind the UK government’s reasons for the Iraq invasion. The other 3 enquiries were so discredited, by the press and others, that “they” thought, they had better have another go.

Sir John said, in 2009, that this enquiry would be “all over in 18 months” and would report by 2011. Hmm, doesn’t time fly? 😉

There have been several articles like this one in the Daily Telegraph, and others, explaining that Lord David Owen thinks there may be an almighty cover-up in progress. [Ed: Shurely not!] It reads like a proper conspiracy theory website, except for the fact that Lord Owen is one of the most rational and respected members of the House of Lords.

When I checked the enquiry’s own website today, the last update was in November 2013. Since they stopped collecting evidence in 2011, one just has to wonder what’s going on? So I emailed them …


I’m just a member of the public who was wondering what on earth you lot are up to?

I write a blog which at least 6 people read and am just about to publish a “Remember Sir John Chilcot” – so don’t worry about your reply going viral

Derek Ruskin

I’ll let you know what they said …

I have had two responses from the Chilcot enquiry and you can read them by clicking on the blue post title or here.

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4 thoughts on “Remember Chilcot ..? The dodgy dossier et al ..?

  1. Mr Ruskin,

    Thank you for your email asking about progress by the Inquiry towards completion of its report.

    On 15 July 2013, Sir John Chilcot wrote to the Prime Minister updating him on the work of the Inquiry. There is a link to his letter (and the Prime Minister’s reply of 17 July) on the home page of the Inquiry’s website –

    As the letter explained, the Inquiry has made significant progress with writing its report and had begun a dialogue with the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, about material the Inquiry wishes to include in its report. This material covers discussions in Cabinet and Cabinet Committees, Mr Blair’s notes to President Bush, and records of discussions between Mr Blair or Mr Brown and President Bush.

    Sir John wrote again to the Prime Minister on 4 November (see the website) expressing regret that the Government and the Inquiry had not yet come to an agreement on the disclosure of these documents. Sir John and his colleagues have agreed that the next phase of the Maxwellisation process – in which those individuals subject to provisional criticism in the draft report will have the opportunity to consider it and make representations – will start once they have a clear understanding of what supporting evidence will be agreed for publication.

    The Inquiry’s final report will be submitted to the Prime Minister as soon as possible after Maxwellisation is complete and any representations received from individuals have been considered.

    Yours sincerely,

    M R Mumford
    Iraq Inquiry

    1. Dear M R Mumford

      I thank you for your response but it adds nothing new to what is already published on your website.

      Can you not see that this sort of vanilla response is just irritating?

      I quite understand that the government’s lack of response to your documentation requests are irritating for Sir John and his team.

      So, why on earth not hold this government, and the last, to account?

      All we “the people” see is yet another slow burn cover up which Lord Owen has done his best to publicise, it’s about time you lot held the executive to account!

      Derek Ruskin

      1. Dear Mr Ruskin

        I am sorry that you found the Inquiry’s response to your email of 24 March an irritating one.

        The Inquiry remains keen to be transparent about progress towards completion of its final report, which is why the information supplied to you can also be found on its website. With apologies, I am afraid we are not in a position to provide any additional details at this time.

        Thank you for your continued interest in the Inquiry.

        Yours sincerely

        Katharine Hammond
        Deputy Secretary to the Iraq Inquiry


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