The light dawns that maybe (just, maybe) politicians are not the right people to run countries …

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In Italy, which has been run into the ground by that egocentric, gobsmackingly incompetent, clown , Silvio Berlusconi, – the penny might just have dropped that maybe he was the problem and was never- ever – a solution. People are beginning to think that he was in power for his own reasons and not for the benefit of the people – “shurely not!” 

The Italians have appointed a banker to sort out the mess! 😆  . OK he’s a  nice banker and not really Italian, but, well, oh dear me …we shall see …(or, as I suspect, we will not …)  

In Greece, where the politicians are just one IQ point from greedy, feral children feeding from the cheap dosh supplied by the Euro Project and laughing all the way to their opulent villas and ridiculous pensions without a responsible adult anywhere in view.

So, the Greeks have appointed a .., no, patience please, wait for it .., NO WAIT for it …, surely not, but, YES a banker to sort out the mess! Well thank the lord for that, so that’s alright then, phew!

There are some in both countries, and ours, who still demonstrate against the “unfair” cuts and job losses that the ordinary person is suffering from. Their cause is sadly pointless and ultimately fruitless – the money all went years ago – we and they maxed out our credit cards, encouraged by greedy bankers and incompetent politicians  We were watching but we are not responsible are we? 😉

CameraMan selling Merkel some cheap Euros
Take my body - but leave my pounds alone ...

In Berlin today Merkel will still ask for a 5% increase in the Euro budget and in the same breath tell Cameraman that she can’t afford to bail out the weaker members of the Eurozone – “Well my Dear …” (I can hear him saying), “you can’t have it both ways!” He should also remind Chancellor Merkel where all the money came from to rebuild Germany after the nasty National Socialists invaded Poland (“Don’t mention ze voor – I here you all cry – heheee – just did – ya boo to you”).

It is that sort of illogic that ‘party’ politicians just cannot recognise and therefore face. Why not ..?

‘Party’ politicians are simply incapable of using the truth even if they can see it because party dogma is all – the party line distorts perception and action.

Enough, before I give the game way, I will have to focus on meBook now because a few, but still only a few, are waking up to the fact that politicians, and party politicians in particular, are well past their sell-by dates. It won’t take Paris, Marr and that pesky Peston very long to steal all my ideas – so…

See y’all …in 2012

Byeee  😉

PS:- Spain will be next – followed by Portugal, followed by Ireland (again) followed by France and then us…

PPS: Read all about it (2 years ago in meBook) to be published next September just after the Olympic Drains (oops, sorry – games).

Eurozone delusions continue

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Even now, when it is obvious to everyone but politicians, journalists and most economists, that “bailouts” don’t work – cannot work – never in a million years would work, do we have emergency meetings between, France, Germany and Greece “to sort out the ‘crisis'”, again. These meetings, being held today, won’t work either because of the refusal to face reality.

The reality is that Greece is totally bust, Portugal, Italy and Spain are almost bust and therefore the Euro is doomed because the remaining members of the Euro-zone will never be financially viable unless they grow at their own pace with their own currencies.

The European Union was only ever a political construct based on the need to stop Germany invading us all again! 

The Euro-zone was a political construct to kill off the USSR for good by tempting in the former Soviet Union’s satellite countries.

The real solution?

Move from denial to acceptance by:-

  • Realising that the 30 years old debt mountain madness has crippled the West and its current version of capitalism
  • Realising that the “markets” are self serving and are a pointless construct for you and me
  • Reforming the EU back into the EEC thus saving billions in pointless activity that serves nobody but the Berlusconis and Kinnocks of this world 
  • Letting the Hedge funds and casino banks take their long overdue haircuts
  • Waiting for 25 years while we gradually sort ourselves out.

That is reality – tell me I’m wrong and why!