Murdoch & Thatcher proved to be devious, lying stinkpots

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Margaret Thatcher had a secret meeting with Rupert Murdoch at Chequers weeks before his 1981 purchase of the Times newspapers, newly released files show.

Maggie courtesy of Gerald Scarfe - (I think he'd caught the essence - don't you?)
Thatcher finally caught

What a surprise ?!

I can’t believe it!

Murdoch actually denied the meeting, on several occasions, I really can’t believe that such a decent businessman could have forgotten the meeting! He wasn’t old then was he?

  • Oh I think get it – he is a devious lying egocentric ba$tard – that must be it.

The fact that the deal was never referred to the Monopolies Commission can’t have anything to do with Thatcher’s influence – could it, shurley not?

  • Oh I think get it – she was a devious lying, egocentric, power mad politician – that must be it.