Religion in Education – No Thanks …

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Supreme Court of Wisconsin “There is no such source and cause of strife, quarrel, fights, malignant opposition, persecution, and war, and all evil in the state, as religion. Let it once enter into our civil affairs, our government soon would be destroyed. Let it once enter our common schools, they would be destroyed. Those who made our Constitution saw this, and used the most apt and comprehensive language in it to prevent such a catastrophe.” (March 18, 1890)

So, we knew it then – why, oh why, can we not learn from our mistakes? Where is the central repository of accrued wisdom to be used when our leaders need guidance? Perhaps we need to have some basic but required education for our politicians (I sow the germ of an idea … – OK own up now, who has NOT read Plato’s Republic yet – eh? eh?).

Religion has absolutely no place in our schools simply because it is a matter of faith / belief and therefore should simply be left to individuals, once they are over 18, and therefore legally old enough to decide for themselves.

Religious schools are by definition divisive – each of the three Abrahamic religions says quite clearly, each in its own manual, that “You shall have no other god but me”. Well, they can’t all be right can they …? Until that point is answered I demand the right to cease all government funding of blind, stupid, archaic, ridiculous faith based organisations based on the rantings of long dead ignorant power mad wizened old men.

Faith schools were not really a big problem, for Britain, while fluffy C.of.E schools were all that there were (OK the Roman Catholic ones were hotbeds of erm … well, ahem hotbeds …), but things have changed. We now have our government funding alien and dangerously backward-looking 7th century Arab culture which is demanding to be “respected” and our politically correct party politicians cannot seem to act to stop this dangerous nonsense.

By all means tolerate them BUT why on earth respect them? We know better! We grew out of tribal warfare around a thousand years ago but seem to forget that it takes time to others to grow up too. OK – it has only been 80 years since our women gained the right to vote but we have to maintain those societal principles and demand that those who immigrate here follow them.

I openly criticise this government’s blind financial support for Islam, and all religions for that matter, because they should damn well know better – read history – understand the lessons for Pete’s sake. The lessons I refer to are encapsulated in paragraph 1 above and in the obvious case our own monarch inventing a religion, (I speak of course of Henry VIII), just because it suited the leadership of the day. Things haven’t changed much – have they Charles?

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