‘You people will never be safe’ …

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Those chilling words spoken to camera by the calm murderer of a British soldier in Woolwich, London needs very careful interpretation. Islamic extremism engenders nationalist extremism – neither is the way to go, but how on earth can we stop it?

There is no quick or easy solution but surely the education of Britain’s children is a solid place to start?

Wisdom from 400AD
Wisdom from 400AD

Those with a voice, i.e. the government, the Muslim Council of ‘g’reat Britain and the newly strengthened “Task Force” will never see the wood for the trees because of their vested interests.

Party politicians are desperate to preserve the privileges and thereby the votes that “faith” based, irrational belief systems currently enjoy, whilst the MCB, ignored by younger Muslims, still requests that Sharia law be taken seriously.

It is so clear to me that until religion is completely removed from the “public” sphere, we will never know peace. “My bible is better than your bible – so there!” is a wonderful display of wisdom by a court in the USA back in 1893.

The factors, I see, behind the Woolwich murder:-

  • The globalised exploitation of the world’s resources by the West, China and Russia (and the many other countries discovering the adolescent excitement of exploitative capitalism).
  • Globalisation is seen, quite correctly in my view, as a one way road to ever bigger corporations transferring money into ever smaller groups of wealthy elites.
  • The post World War 1 carve up, by Britain, France and the USA, of what was the Ottoman Empire into today’s arbitrarily created states of Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Trans-Jordan Israel and Palestine.
  • The ignorance perpetuated by all religions, but particularly Abrahamic*1 ones, Islam in particular, insisting that their faith systems should be ‘respected’ or else toys will thrown out of prams.
  • These first four, together with our ruling elite’s liberal acceptance of this alien Arab desert culture, unchallenged and now in our midst, is at the heart of this tragic affair.
  • A few young, mainly unemployed, men have been convinced that they are at war with a western democracy that has exploited and oppressed the Arab world. There is some truth in their words, but their ‘faith’ based jihad*2 is fueled by angry, deluded, power mad, misogynistic, male politicians wearing religious hats supported by other Arabs selling oil to the very democracies and globalised businesses to which they are opposed!
  • That many of the extreme Islamists appear to be recent converts is worrying some ‘moderate’ Muslims who say that one of the big issues Islam must face in the UK is that most Imams cannot speak English or have any understanding at all of the last 1000 years of British history and culture. They say that when we have fluent English speaking Imams things will be better. To this I have to say Poppycock! Until Islam can revise the Qur’an we will see no change, and since the Qur’an (in Arabic) is the ‘unalterable word of God’ – that’s that!
  • Saudi Arabia is funding, seemingly unchallenged by our own government, Madrassas*3 in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Canada, Australia (and on and on) spreading Wahhabbism*2, a fundamentalist version of Islam.
  • Globalised BIG business and banking organisations caused the 2008 meltdown yet western governments (China, Russia, India etc. too) are hell bent on recreating the disaster again.
  • Yet more UK faith schools have been approved for 2014 many of which are religiously based thus cementing a division in society for years to come. Light the blue touch paper, stand back, and in 10 years – BOOOM!
  • The right wing backlash has started here in the UK, and in the USA blogs are urging “citizens” to carry their “ARs*5” ‘cuzz the hand gun just don’t cuttit nomore’. Oh yes, bigger guns are the obvious answer …
  • There are just too many people everywhere – that in itself causes tensions. The natural resources war is in progress now (China is winning), the meat wars are starting and the global water wars have yet to start …

The following suggested actions may not, at first sight, seem to be related but I maintain that only by putting them all together can we start putting things right.

  • We have to challenge the very ideas that form the motivation for the killings we see on our streets.
  • The government has to promote a secular philosophy based on reason and fairness and refute all faith based, demands – and yes, this includes the established Church of England!
    • e.g. Many of our universities have allowed the separation of male & female seating arrangements in lectures at the insistence of Muslim student groups – unbelievable!
    • Islamic ‘Sharia’ courts and Jewish ‘Beth din’ courts must be outlawed. They have been quietly allowed by PC governments in the past but unless you want Scientology courts appearing too ..? You catch my drift? We must have just one law followed by, and applicable to, all.
  • Moderate UK Muslims must speak out loud and clear against this killing
    • until they do – cease public funding of the so-called failing community cohesion efforts
  • ‘Faith’ must be seen to be what it actually is, “belief without reason, evidence or justification”. The many privileges it current receives must be removed, e.g:-
    • Church of England bishops taking up 24 seats in the House of Lords
    • Tax breaks for all religious organisations, and private schools for that matter, are nothing but slimy vote winners
  • Government support of ‘faith’ is just plain wrong and should end – ‘reason’ must prevail therefore:-
    • Faith schools must seen as divisive and destabilising for Britain’s future and therefore slowly reformed into a secular mainstream education system. Are you listening Gove? Thought not…no votes there, eh?
    • Dis-establish the Church of England now – this would allow rational debate on religion and the end privileges granted to all those holding irrational belief systems.
  • A secular state in which religion is moved from the public to the private sphere is the only way for a future in which those who have a religion together with those who do not, can live together equal before the law. This would deal with the nonsense of Sharia even being debated – it’s just daft to even think about its validity in Great Britain or any democracy for that matter.
  • Government must invest, NOT in nuclear, but in R & D into energy production. Put our very best brains onto it and pay them well! Use geo-thermal hot-spots in the UK, ground source heat pumps, yes even daft wind turbines etc. etc.
    • Sadly, because of 25 years of government dithering, we will have to build a few nuclear power stations just to keeps the lights on, but longer term focus must be in eventual self sufficiency.
    • This will eventually end in the reduction of our need for oil & gas from regimes that could do us damage if they choose to withdraw gas / oil supplies
    • Decide upon a stable population for ‘g’reat Britain (say 40 million) and work on ways to achieve that in say 50 years.

We then wait 75 years for those actions to filter down to a new secular Britain whose children will have re-discovered the rationality and grown up wisdom of the European Enlightenment.

The alternative is that Islam just quietly and patiently out-breeds us all…

Happy Oestrus & Merry Winterval!

*1 Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all versions of monotheism (the idea of just one god was quite new 3,000 years ago) originating from the area today ‘made up’ of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq & Iran.

*2 Jihad – the Islamic holy war has many definitions, even within Islam. The “lesser jihad” is “struggle” against those who are not Muslim. The “greater jihad” is the inner struggle by a believer to fulfil his religious duties.

*3 Madrassas – Schools where education is mixed with and distorted by Islamic teaching, thus providing a warped and divisive educational environment. Saudi Arabia finances these schools in Britain but, unlike state schools, religious schools – known as Madrassas – are unregulated and teachers do not have to have specialist training.

*4 Wahhabbism – a fundamentalist form of Islam perpetrated by the Saudi Royal family supporting men as gods and women as chattels.

*5 Assault rifles

What next for Afghanistan?

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BBC – Have Your Say debate What next for Afghanistan?
SENT: 01-Nov-2009 10:33
Support the education of girls in the cities – that is all we can do – and then wait for the 3 generations it will take to move out of the 9th century.

Read “Three cups of tea” and weep at the failure, self interest and hubris of politicians everywhere …

Perhaps we can start now the fight we should be fighting – the Wahabism of Saudi! Saudi funded the Madrassas that spread Islamism to Afg & Pkn.

Let us please re-discover the wisdom of the European enlightenment – the “Age of Reason”.
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