The people say No!

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Can it really be that politicians are listening to the people? It may just be so here in the UK perhaps even so in the USA?. Pity about France …

The people say NO
The people say NO

I hope Congress and President Barak Obama have the balls to say “No” to any more intervention in the Middle East.

Let us instead promote the values and reason of the European Enlightenment upon which the USA was founded and wait 500 years while the Middle East catches up (yes – it will take that long)! We can start by disestablishing our church from the administration of the country and follow reason and evidence instead.

OK the USA has lost the plot for the last 100 years or so but perhaps John Adams, Tom Paine and the other founding fathers may be heard again?

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Rainer Hatchfield and The Cagle Post USA for the cartoon showing how the USA sees us.

PS: Who made the nerve gas used in Syria?

Ooops, oh dear me – don’t read this if you thought it was Russia – sadly the answer may just be a bit closer to home.

1 thought on “The people say No!

  1. I will answer my own question. The politicians were half listening, but they don’t understand why we said ‘no’.

    I said “No” because the root cause of this problem, i.e. rifts within Islam itself was not even mentioned in any political analysis. Until you can acknowledge the presence of the elephant in the room – you can’t solve the problem.

    The use of chemical weapons is disgusting but we helped in their manufacture and sold the chemicals to Syria in the first place! Their use is not the main issue. The big players, i.e. France, USA, Russia and China and us, sell and make most of the weapons used by these regimes to blow up each other and their own citizens.

    So what do we do? We fund the UN to provide aid to refugees and wait 500 years while Muslims blow each other up and Islam slowly grows up and out of itself.

    Allah ain’t there and even if she is, she ain’t listening and just couldn’t give a monkeys’


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