The pointless referendum

Ah well, at least I've still got my job!
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Nick Clegg wanted Proportional Representation to be the subject of this referendum.

Instead he got AV.

Eh? We all said, what’s that? The Alternative Vote system – that’s what.

Today some 50% of the British public will put a tick in a box to ‘change politics forever’. I quote Clegg – lol, rofl etc.

Poppycock, this referendum was party politically motivated, irrelevant to the British people and as such will be supported by the British people in drove(let)s. Pah BOOO & piffle

If PR were an option then perhaps it might have been a useful exercise – but let’s see this exercise for what it was – “a miserable little compromise”  to quote Clegg.

AV is a useful system for voting for a chairperson, president or group leader but its use and relevance for electing a parliament is nigh on useless, if not damaging.

Another £120m of your quids down the loo! (Estimates vary between £80m – £250m)

2 thoughts on “The pointless referendum

  1. Something that bothers me about elections in general is that when I ask people around me how they are voting most of them seem to base it on how charismatic they find the person on TV without even knowing what their policies are. This seems quite dangerous! If most people are this thoughtless about their first choice then there seems little point in giving them a second, third and fourth choice as well! Shouldn’t people get jobs based on their ability to do them and not mainly because of how good their image is?


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