Up yours Juncker, now we need to think and wait …

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… for our politicians to accept the reality of what the British people have told them. This result is quite a shock for them and most will be in denial for some time.

I suspect the best positive way forward is a mixed party coalition executive (government) based around Boris Johnson, Daniel Hannan, Michael Gove and a few of the impressive economists from the campaign group The Economists for Brexit. I know this idea ain’t anywhere near perfect, BUT its a hell of a way better forward than anything else I can think of.  What say you lot?

I fail to see any light coming from the ranks of the Liberal or Labour parties. 

Our next PM?
Our next PM? Daniel Hannan is an MEP who hates what the EU has become, but Hey Ho, the pay is very good 😉

The politicians then need a few advisors like James Dyson (vacuum cleaner man), JCB chairman Lord Bamford and a few others. They are needed to do the negotiations with Brussels as our Eton boys don’t know how to actually get things done. And, for pete’s sake don’t involve Lord Alan Amstrad Sugar (quelle tosser)!

Party politics just ain’t gonna cut it, it is an outdated regime for the administration of the United Kingdom Great Britain. (and, will someone tell that Scottish twitette to shut up?)

We need a far more radical approach than the LIB Lab Con flip flop show that we are all heartily sick of.

From Labour, I heard Caroline Flint, who still admires Blair for Pete’s sake, say “We lost because we did not explain our position well enough …”! The arrogance and ignorance she displayed in that statement is indicative of most party politicians and describes very well what most of we “Leavers” were voting against.

These are radical times, led by the people of Great Britain, let us hope that those who want power will, for once, work for the people.

As for as Jean Claude Juncker telling us to hurry up and start the exit proceedings, someone needs to tell him to “Calm down dear” (I quote one of Camerons more insightful (to us I mean, about him!) comments to a female MP a couple of years ago).

Yes - he really did say that
Yes – he really did say that

As long as we have not triggered article 50 of the 1972 Lisbon treaty, we are in control and we need to quietly think and regroup before we start negotiations. One hopes that the truth will dawn soon upon the Remain Westminster bubble but I won’t be holding my breath. We need some fresh thinking from the pool of MPs who have said too little.

The British people have been fed up with the EU and Westminster centric politicians for years and those hitherto quiet back benchers need to make themselves heard above the noise of banality expressed by the main parties’ spokespersons.

We need some statesmanlike vision  statements from the Leave campaigners.

The EU now fears for its very existence and needs to be humbled by some straight talking from our next PM.

Who he? BoJo? Gove? Hannan?


Hmm indeed.

Acknowledgements: The Reddit leave campaign. A sobering read from our European leaders – 😉

2 thoughts on “Up yours Juncker, now we need to think and wait …

  1. Maybe I have become too Americanized but I was stunned to see the Brexit vote! Surely this is terrible for the UK economy. Why will London remain the banking Mecca that it has long been when it is based on the English Pound AND is no longer a passport to Europe? IMO the only question is just how huge will be the resulting recession and how long it will last! A long, long time I fear. I do understand the being pissed off with the status quo (just look at what is happening in US) but why shoot yourself in the foot to make that point??? Yikes!!!!! And yes it is already impacting me financially ?

    1. BrianG – The rise of the UK’s “banking Mecca”, as you refer to it, is one of the main factors in the demise of the long term investment thinking that has caused the UK’s manufacturing capacity and productivity levels to disappear. Thatcher’s idiotic sale of public assets (Water, national grid etc. is nothing short of criminal incompetence.) Her reign of privatizations was nothing short of disatrous for us. The fact that it was emulated by China is another financial crash waiting in the shadows.
      The City of London is short-termist in the extreme and is based on the manipulation of money (a philosophical construct, i.e. not real) and the timing of monetary differences. In short, the loss of the City would be a good thing in the long run IMHO.
      Yes there may well be a recession but replaced by an opportunity to think long term for a change.
      But, I share your pessimism in the lack of vision being shown by our pathetic politicians at the moment.


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