Vince is right (again) & Nick is wrong (as usual)(updated)

Knives out for Clegg
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Party conference poppycock – Part 1 – the Lib Dems.

Vince Cable Business Minister, remember him? He ‘s the chap who foresaw the banking crash, the credit crunch and says that George Osborne is wrong about signs of economic recovery. He is still seen by everyone as somone who has principles and vision.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister,  remember him? He’s the chap who lied about his principles to students and forever lost any trust the public might have had. He is seen now by everyone as desperate to keep political power at any cost.

Knives out for Clegg
Knives out for Clegg

Vince has  decided not to attend today’s Lib Dem conference debate on the economy! Because he has principles!(see Update below).

Nick is so desperate for power at any cost his principles are seen to be sham.

If the Lib Dems don’t ditch Clegg they are forever lost – Bye Bye! Nobody “agrees with Nick ” anymore.

Party politics – pah, poo & poppycock! (I would have preferred to say bollocks)

AcknowledgementGary Barker for Cable & Clegg cartoon

Update: Ooops! 24hrs is a long time in politics. Vince was made to turn up & vote in favour of the silly motion. Can’t trust any politician it seems (I thought I already knew that too – ah well.)


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