Chinese spies: ‘We’ve been unbelievably naïve’

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Those words, from Ian Duncan Smith this morning,  echo what  I have been saying here on this blog for fourteen years.

How could our politicians and security services be so stupidly incompetent?

The reason that our politicians have been so stupid is explained in my latest book ‘British politics is broken, but…

From Tony Blair, David Cameron and Gideon Osborne onwards the idiots in Number 10 and 11 Downing Street have been welcoming Chinese spies into our universities with open arms.


And still their blind stupidity continues on.

Here is our business secretary speaking yesterday:

Declaring China a threat would “escalate things”, the business secretary has said as ministers resist pressure to take a more confrontational stance with Beijing.

China has been escalating “things” for years and simply uses any means to become a super power.

Do you remember Balloons over the USA and Canada, Hong Kong, the threats to Taiwan and on and on?

Read my last post on China written in 2021 for some reality.

To Sunak I say “WAKE and GROW UP!” and smell the ashes of western civilisation.

It really will be too late in five years time to reverse “things“.


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1 thought on “Chinese spies: ‘We’ve been unbelievably naïve’

  1. Well, it could be interesting to hear what the PM says next week at Party Conference. He needs a few pointers of positive action on China, to keep the Labour wolf from the door, next year.


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