Airport options fiasco

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Rate this postAir traffic requirements for Britain  are today’s PoliNews*1 subject and, for once, Boris is right. Dave, as usual is wrong and incapable of vision. This blog, and my book ‘The Normal Curve‘, are largely about how and why the party political system is incapable of rational thought. We need, instead, a system  of infrastructure and resource planning that can think 30-50 years into the future. Time after time cockups of such gravity have been made and none of

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Social housing: latest measures will fail, and why

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Rate this postSocial housing in expensive areas of England should be sold off and the money used to finance the building of new homes in cheaper areas, the think tank Policy Exchange says. Neil O’Brien, (PPE Oxford – say no more …) director of the think tank Policy Exchange, said he does not believe anybody “has a right to live in the most expensive parts of town.” “People do have a right to be housed but not in the very

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