Brexit & British Blue Passports

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There are no funny cartoons in this post, there are no jokes either.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse it did! The humiliation for the United Kingdom of Great Britain is now complete.

If anything exemplifies the disconnectedness between “we the people” and the inhabitants of the Westminster bubble (politicos & journalists) it is these two “stories” separated by 35 years.

Story Number 1 (March 22nd 2018): (Ed: surely April 1st?)

The new blue British passport is to almost certain to be made by a French company in France.

Donald Tusk, Macron & Juncker must be crying with laughter into their coffee and croissants, this morning. Theresa May’s resignation should be demanded by both all journalists and Tory & Labour parties immediately.

Who will stand up for the United Kingdom of Great Britain? Please step forward.

Story Number 2 (1983):

Who wrote the paragraph below, in 1983? Answer at the foot of this post.

Britain and the Common Market

“Geography and history determine that Britain is part of Europe, and Labour wants to see Europe safe and prosperous. But the European Economic Community, which does not even include the whole of Western Europe, was never devised to suit us, and our experience as a member of it has made it more difficult for us to deal with our economic and industrial problems. It has sometimes weakened our ability to achieve the objectives of Labour’s international policy.

The next Labour government, committed to radical, socialist policies for reviving the British economy, is bound to find continued membership a most serious obstacle to the fulfilment of those policies. In particular the rules of the Treaty of Rome are bound to conflict with our strategy for economic growth and full employment, our proposals on industrial policy and for increasing trade, and our need to restore exchange controls and to regulate direct overseas investment. Moreover, by preventing us from buying food from the best sources of world supply, they would run counter to our plans to control prices and inflation.

For all these reasons, British withdrawal from the Community is the right policy for Britain – to be completed well within the lifetime of the parliament. That is our commitment. But we are also committed to bring about withdrawal in an amicable and orderly way, so that we do not prejudice employment or the prospect of increased political and economic co-operation with the whole of Europe.

We emphasise that our decision to bring about withdrawal in no sense represents any weakening of our commitment to internationalism and international co operation. We are not ‘withdrawing from Europe’. We are seeking to extricate ourselves from the Treaty of Rome and other Community treaties which place political burdens on Britain. Indeed, we believe our withdrawal will allow us to pursue a more dynamic and positive international policy – one which recognises the true political and geographical spread of international problems and interests. We will also seek agreement with other European governments – both in the EEC and outside – on a common strategy for economic expansion.”

Answer: Tony Blair in his 1983 election manifesto strategy for Britain, his legacy is now complete.

We have been, and continue to be, led, lied to, administered by hypocrites and vision-less, self interested, myopic ignoramuses.

Message: to any MP left in Westminster with a half a brain, any conscience and a vestige of common sense – WAKE UP!


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