Good news from France & Poland, but not Britain

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Here are two items of ground breaking news that you will not find mentioned at all on the BBC.

The first is so important to the philosophical development of mankind that it should be shouted from all roof tops. It is this:- The French Education Minister Vincent Peillon has unveiled the controversial secularism charter which is to be displayed in a prominent position in every school to remind pupils and teachers of the country’s secular, Republican principles. The Minister says the charter is designed to promote “absolute respect for freedom of conscience”.


The new French Charter enforces 15 guiding principles among which are:-

  • Staff must convey the ideas behind secularism to students.
  • Secularism implies the rejection of all violence and all discrimination, guarantees equality between girls and boys, and rests on a culture of respect and understanding of the other.
  • It is forbidden in schools to wear symbols or clothes that show affiliation to religion.
  • Staff have a duty of strict neutrality. They must not show their political or religious convictions in the exercise of their duties.

The reason that you will not hear this on the BBC is that for some reason “we” cannot criticise the Islamic sub-culture that practises female genital mutilation(FGM), “honour” killing, enforced marriage of under age girls to old men, misogyny, cruel 2000 year old animal slaughter techniques (which Islam adopted from Judaism) and a few more primitive practices which we cannot, for some “god-forsaken” reason, mention.

The main reason? We are scared to death of the violent reaction that would ensue from publicly suggesting that these primitive & barbaric practices are unacceptable in Britain. If you want evidence of how this works in practice in Nick Clegg’s liberal party read this! Truly shocking inaction from the deputy prime minister.

The secondary reason is our stupid party politicians reticence to enforce British values on a primitive immigrant sub-culture and instead allows Sharia courts to function allowing Muslim men to keep their women as chattels!

The charter’s 15 principles have been much discussed and have already been condemned as “an attack on Islam” by a Muslim. Sadly the French minister responded to the criticism by saying that this was not an attack on Islam (which of course it is) and in doing so, has somewhat degraded an otherwise wonderful piece of good news for reason and secularism everywhere.

“The laws which made FGM illegal were introduced in France and England at about the same time, in the mid-1980s. But whereas some 100 parents and practitioners of FGM have been convicted in France, there has never been a single prosecution in the UK”.

The only way to combat these primitive practices is through the education of our children in secular schools. It will take 20-50 years – but it is the only way. Our slow and hard won progression to sexual equality is being catastrophically undermined.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our  politicians made clear what Britain stands for – that is, if they can even remember what was great about Britain!

Shame on you ! Gove, Cameraman, Millibean and Clegg!

Bravo La France! Shame on our Government of Rosbifs!

The second piece of good news is from Poland:- In January 2013 the Polish government enacted a bill which banned the ritual “halal” slaughter methods used by Jews and Muslims. The bill was brought by animal rights activists and was based on the cruelty of the method of slow death which these primitive practices entail; the Polish givernement has dismissed a recent challenge.

Kosher and halal slaughter requires an animal be killed by slitting its throat and permitting it to bleed to death while still conscious.

European Union rules on the slaughter of livestock are designed to minimise suffering for animals when they are killed, but religious groups are exempted from a requirement that animals be stunned before death. Ask yourself why? Why should irrational belief systems overrule rational decisions based on respect for animals most of us eat?

Popey & Peres - a new double act
Popey & Peres – a new double act

Meanwhile, Popey has assigned a senior church official to “investigate” the ban, which he said was against the “religious freedom of Polish Jewry”.

The old men in frocks are beginning to cluster together to support each other’s irrational belief systems as the inevitability of their demise becomes more obvious (to some of us at least 😉 ).

3 thoughts on “Good news from France & Poland, but not Britain

  1. I didn’t know that the halal method of slaughter involved the animal bleeding to death! I had thought they killed the animals first, before cutting their throats. I am shocked!

    I am not sure you can say the French policy is an attack on Islam specifically. Isn’t it more of a ‘discouragement’ of people treating each other unequally in the name of a religion – any religion?

    Some people might say that banning people from wearing religious symbols is treating people who follow a religion unequally to people who don’t – because they are not being allowed this bit of freedom of expression. How do you get round that one?

    1. Theoretically you are correct about the generality of the Charter – but, and here’s the rub, it did not really need enforcing until Islam became so prevalent in France!
      As for the religious symbol point – is it “freedom” denied or unwarranted “privilege” allowed? The whole point of secularism is to deny privilege to any one group and place religious symbols firmly into the private sphere. Again this was not really an issue until Islam & Christianity to some extent had developed an unhealthy number of extremists.


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