Harry and Meghan: an alternative view

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The media & our dear Aunty BBC explored

Recently, the many difficult issues that the world continues to face have been overwhelmed by the media focussing on trivia spouted by self interested spoiled brats and endless pages on the health of a man who is nearly 100.

It would be interesting to hear from those of you who might agree with me and those that think I am a grumpy, disillusioned old man who has lost the plot 😉

In my view, news journalism has sunk to a new low and I would love some feedback on this article.

Is it really so important for the media in general to spend so much time on these, tabloid at best, stories?

I have to put an alternative view, a view that cannot be heard anywhere else, or so it seems.

BBC News is unwatchable and is so deferential to our anachronistic monarchy it makes my teeth hurt.

The BBC’s famous impartiality was lost years ago and no “alternative” views are allowed. Brexit was a good example of the BBC’s Remainer stance.

Prince Philip’s illness warranted a minute or so at most – but we get royal correspondents ad nauseum.

As for poor mistreated Meghan and Harry, what utter mind numbing rubbish.

The Royal couple now want it both ways

Meghan suddenly realised that fairy tales are fairy tales and decided that a life of “royal service”  was not really her thing. So, they both walked away from the monarchy to live a quiet life in Canada, remember that one? Why she is still a duchess confuses me; and you perhaps?

That went well, for a week or two, except for the Royal Canadian Mounted police telling them that they would not receive free protection. Then the Canadian tax man said they would have to pay tax in Canada too. “Good grief don’t these people know their place?” said Harry to his poverty stricken wife. (OK, I might have made that one up).

Their idea of a “quiet life” is somewhat different to mine. Meghan was always heading for LA and Harry probably didn’t get much of a say. What say you, Oprah?

Their money grabbing hypocrisy is being supported by a pathetic media frenzy and of course many of the under 40s. Whereas 85% of those older than 40 have a different view – we have seen it all before and are yawning.

Well for those of you who can’t get enough of Harry and Meghan, Netflix is happy to oblige with a $20,000,000 pay out to the mistreated pair for a series of their infantile views.

As for me I think the whole show stinks.

Bah humbug

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Author: Derek

1 thought on “Harry and Meghan: an alternative view

  1. I must confess to total agreement with the editor. I too have had no time for the sale-effacing Piers Morgan but on this count he’s absolutely right in standing up for freedom of speech. Just because Ms Markle is of mixed race and a woman she feels compelled to attack the royal family on behalf of the ‘people’. The nonsense spouted that she just didn’t know what she was letting herself in for when she joined the firm is absolute tosh. Over the decades a constant stream of media articles have righteously accused the set-up of being antiquated, predictable and claustrophobic. However, unlike the young and naive Diana, Ms Markle is a street-wise and savvy minor TV personality with paid agents & PR executives. It’s mind boggling to believe that she didn’t know what to expect. Maybe she thought that she could tame the British establishment?Anyway, come the retirement of the Oprey freak show, my money is on Ms Markle stepping into her shoes. Either that or she’s headed for a run on the Democratic Party stump. As for titles, if the Harry & Meghan were to break up, would one of them become East Sussex & the other West Sussex………


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