Harry, Gaza and the Diana BBC interview

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We have a cease fire but the 70 year old problem remains and we the UK, the French, the Zionist Jews and the USA created it.

More than 212 people, including 61 children, have died in Gaza, and just 10, including two children, in Israel. Those ratio of deaths and casualties has been similar in all the conflicts over the years.

The conflict will erupt again, and again, and will continue forever unless a solution is found.

The UN has 46 outstanding resolutions against Israel for its illegal land grabs on the West Bank. Israel and the USA ignore them without penalty.

Solution? A single state called Palestine with majority Jewish control BUT with true equal rights for existing Arab Israelis. Netanyahu should be in jail and Biden is probably the only answer we have for the time being.

The Single State Solution is the only answer. Yup I know what you might say, but its the only answer. It will take USA money (lots of it) and a political will supported by the UK and France and even the EU(rofl). Even that is a huge compromise for both sides.

Do you have an solution? I would love to hear it.

The BBC and that Panorama interview

Despite what Price William’s statement today is trying to do, i.e. divert attention away from the dying days of the Windsor Royals, the biggest problem here is not Martin Bashir or the BBC cover up, although both are pretty tawdry.

The real problem was Prince Charles’ and the Royal family’s attitude to marriage. Diana was a naïve young woman who had a tragic connection to a glittery but flawed medieval regime. She and the BBC should not be become scapegoats for the Windsor family as they decline into their inevitable demise.

The Panorama interview  was aired on 20th November 1995 at 7pm.

The note from Diana is dated one month later.

The note reads ” Martin Bashir did not show me any documents nor give me any information that i was not already aware of. I consented to the interview on Panorama without any pressure & have no regrets concerning the matter. Diana”

Surely we all have known for years that Harry is not that clever (Nazi uniforms etc.) but his latest Oprah Winfrey outburst is just too daft. Why don’t his PR advisers just tell him to be quiet? Can’t be the money, surely?

OK, his life has been harder than most; being told what to do by a family rooted in 1650, but why not just be quiet, enjoy his money and kids? What a twit!


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Author: Derek

2 thoughts on “Harry, Gaza and the Diana BBC interview

  1. MBS is a corrupt murderous crook and will no doubt be taken out by one of his relations soon.
    Neither the USA or the UK or the EU would consider even talking to him. Saudi will slowly become economically irrelevant over the next 20 years as oil becomes less important to the world economy.
    The fundamental problem, which you don’t address, is the creation of Israel in the first place but more importantly the completely illegal land grabs made by Israel over the last 70 years; there are 46 UN resolutions telling Israel they are illegal and moreover that they should be reversed! The original ownership of Palestine land in 1947 was 92% – today it is less than 4%. This was achieved by Israel passing laws in the 1950s which just annexed land without any compensation paid to Israeli Arab farmers. That was illegal and was the start of the process which continues today.
    The UK, France, the USA and most of the rest of the world simply ignore the illegality – but the Arab Palestinians try to fight back with the historic 50 to 1 death rate in each of the “intifadas” and smaller protests.
    I think the Iranian government stinks but their involvement is almost the only valid opposition I can see from anyone.
    The two state solution which Biden is putting forward as “the only solution” is doomed to failure because it doesn’t address those basic issues either. That was covered in my original blog of 2014.
    How time flies and how things stay just the same and worsen for the Palestinians.
    Anyone else got an solution?

  2. I’m not convinced by your solution. The overriding issue is Iran. Hamas is financed by Iran, which supplies parts for the rockets hitting Israel. It’s a delicate balance but it may come to be that Iran calls upon friendly Lebanese partner, Hezbollah, to come to the party and add weight to the attack. I suspect that as it stands no-one is prepared to escalate matters in order to avoid jeopardising talks with the USA on reviving the deal to limit Iran’s nuclear programme. I don’t have a solution but wonder whether the Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman is able to develop the senior statesman role he appears to covet in his talks with the USA. However, my main concern remains the actions of Iran in the coming months.


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