China – I told you so

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This post first appeared in 2021 and several more earlier should have alerted western governments to the danger that the Chinese tyranny has become.

In ten years time China will be too strong to stop and will destroy everything we hold dear.

Democracy, human rights, control of the world’s natural resources etc.

So the USA, The UN, the EU and all other democratic countries must do a few things NOW!

  1. Recognise Taiwan as a sovereign state
  2. Accelerate the return of manufacturing stuff back to where it came from
  3. Invest in agricultural science as fast as possible and subsidise farming now, but add in a thought out future policy spanning the next 30 years
  4. Accept the globalisation was a huge mistake and that localisation must become the new norm
    1. This will reduce global warming far more quickly than otherwise
    2. We will regain the control that we  handed to China’s spy students years ago
  5. Yes this will hit investments in pensions and cause a massive “correction” in stock markets
  6. BUT the alternative is far far worse – i.e. The tyrannies of China and Russia will be in charge

This is what I wrote in February 2021:-

A page or so down, I link to a Sunday Times article written in July 2020. It traces Covid-19 from 2011 to 2019. An illuminating article which few seem to have read. It is long but worth the effort. It reinforces the position that Covid-19 really is “the Chinese virus”. I read it, open mouthed, when it first appeared in print last year.

Back to today.

Xi Jinping has just banned the BBC from broadcasting to and inside China.

He also said last month, that “Taiwan ‘must and will be’ reunited with China”.

These news items were mentioned by the BBC yesterday but you had to look quite hard to find them.

Our government’s reaction?


I am appalled by our government’s inaction and I hope you are too.

In addition, China now insists that other countries can only have diplomatic ties with either China or Taiwan; not both.

Tibet was annexed by China in 1951 but said it would allow “things” to stay as they were. They were somewhat disingenuous (they lied). If any politician speaks to the Dalai Llama, Chinese politicians threaten them as they did with Barack Obama in 2016. Apple iPhones use materials sourced from Tibet, a region Chinese companies have devastated for raw minerals. Tibet is the least free country in the world, second only to Syria.

Will we ever learn from history? When China was admitted to the WTO in 2001 it was thought that this would liberalise and help democratise the country. We now see the awful truth; China is a tyranny and is belligerently becoming worse day by day.

Tyrants need to be put down financially before it is too late. Many commentators already think it is too late, but I have hopes.

Hong Kong residents are now enslaved to a Chinese regime they hate. Once again the world does nothing.

Last year, it also forced foreign airlines and hotels to list Taiwan as part of China on their websites.

President Xi is arguably the most powerful leader since Mao, and now unconstrained by presidential term limits that he himself set up.

Xi has personalised, like no other, the project for “national rejuvenation”.

After what he has done to

  • Hong Kong
  • globalise pollution
  • destroy freedom of speech in China
  • create global debt in Africa and South America
  • persecute and “re-educate” the Uighur Muslims (genocide according to the USA 3 days ago)
  • create his own country’s future unsustainable debt mountain
  • create global health disasters (SARS and now Covid-19)
  • delay the publication of the new virus for over one month allowing 901 flights from Wuhan to spread the disease
  • silence the doctors and scientists who tried to alert the world of the danger

..we should be reining in his power by all means available because the world simply cannot afford him!

There are those who are calling for people like me to stop calling Covid-19 the “The Chinese Virus”.

They seem to think it is racist! What a load of claptrap from so-called liberal progressives.

Read one example of them here, Then read the Sunday Times article linked to below.

The Sunday Times history of the CCP coronavirus July 2020

I do realise that calling it the CCP* virus might be more accurate but it is the ignorance of those who enact hate crimes that is the real problem.

As the global infections have surpassed those within China, Chinese diplomats and officials have begun pushing the idea that the virus did not originate within China.

The source of Covid-19 is a bat cave in southern China.

Well researched evidence, by Times journalists, shows that a 99% similar virus to Covid-19 was found in a southern Chinese bat cave in 2011 and then sample taken to the Wuhan virus laboratory in 2012.

Please read the full Times article here. It is a long read but should be read by our government and anyone who thinks Xi Jinping can be trusted.

And please, read the comments from those who commented, some of whom were in Wuhan in November 2019 and others who have credentials worthy of respect.

The Bigger Picture

Economic growth, fuelled by debt, simply cannot go on forever.

There is much clever analysis by economists and political commentators, the majority of whom, pretty much agree with each other. “There is little we can do to stop China’s disastrous expansion.”

Well, they are all wrong.

Yes, there is a way, and we must stop China at all costs.

The bigger picture is to embrace localism worldwide. This would fight climate change, decrease pollution and reduce the likelihood of new diseases spreading so fast.

  1. Make more stuff locally – worldwide
  2. Grow more stuff locally – worldwide
  3. We need to Zoom more and travel far less; no more 3rd runway at Heathrow for example
    • until we have hydrogen powered aircraft
    • and until we have reduced the threat from more corona virus mutations
  4. Ban hedge funds; they are an unnecessary financial evil – they only serve the rich
  5. Ban selling short on stock markets
  6. Tax Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. properly; they are just taking the piss!

Yes this means a hit on pension funds and economic growth for about ten years or so.

Yes that means a lot more of what we have suffered since the 2008 financial crisis created by hedge funds and our wonderful financial markets.


The alternative is more boom and a far bigger bust than we saw in 2008.


Signe Wilkinson who has been drawing editorial cartoons for the Philadelphia Daily News since 1985

*CCP = Chinese Communist Party

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Author: Derek

1 thought on “China – I told you so

  1. Well said Derek. At least the UK pulled out from the brink of a potentially disastrous trade with China regarding Huawei. That’s one for Boris! However, in terms of national security, of more crucial concern than 5G and Huawei is that of the internet of things (IoT). Whilst the government is very aware of the threat in telecoms and the shortage of semi-conductors, the IoT is rapidly becoming the central nervous system of the worldwide economy. Vast networks of interconnecting Wi-Fi and cellular devices embedded with software, sensors, coms capabilities and processors. All linked up processing huge amounts of data farmed from their environment.

    Consider that under the control of the CCP these processes could allow a hostile power to track and manage the UK’s systems. If you think that the threat of the IoT is fanciful, then search Channel 4 for the excellent six-part cyber-crime drama ‘The Undeclared War’. Set in 2024, it posits the thought that a hostile foreign power could infiltrate and control secure systems within GCHQ. Could a foreign power really invade the Uk’s secure systems to alter the outcome of the forthcoming general election? Chilling times.


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