China’s future and ours; lessons from Covid-19?

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For the last 40 years or so, China’s financial, business, political and cultural effect on our world has been a disaster.

A disaster both  for the Chinese themselves and for most of us.

China’s cultural attitudes to selling “fresh” food and massively increased exports have exported their native bat diseases.

Lessons have NOT been learned.  SARS and MERS were both created in the same way.

Fresh, wriggling and fluttering food is sold all over China in open market conditions that would make most of us, in the west, feel ill.

The cruelty to live creatures, let alone the insanitary practices employed, are the root cause of the Covid 19 (Corona virus).

The source of Covid 19 was almost certainly discovered in a bat cave in Southern China in 2011. Samples of diseased bats were then taken to the Wuhan laboratory in 2012.  

The onward transmission may well have been the pangolin, a live one is pictured just above.

Read all about this endangered animal here. Pangolin scales are sold illegally all over China to solve erectile dysfunction and almost every other disease known to the average Chinese mind.

However, diseases are not the only exported problem from China.

We, in the West, have been ensnared by the extraordinary expansion of a greedy totalitarian regime which exhibits the very worst aspects of capitalism. But most of us do seem to like their iPhones 😉

Chinese expansion is a disaster in the making that has been blitheringly obvious, to me and many others, for years.

Here are just some of the real problems stated, yet again, in plain simple English.

The disaster for China:-

  1. China’s own rivers have been largely destroyed by pollution driven by mindless industrial expansion by former communists latterly converted to capitalism.
    • I have written about this before, several times, here in 2014 and here again in 2015.
    • The Yellow river (now orange with pink and green tinges by the way) has not met the sea since 1972.
    • The Yangtze is even more polluted than the Yellow River but still just manage to reach the sea but not for much longer.
  2. China’s totalitarian communist party has effectively destroyed freedom of speech by incarcerating anyone who dares to criticise the ‘party’.
    • China does this more than any other country in the world.
    • Here I include such countries as North Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Scotland (just joking Nicola 😉 )
    • Deng Xiaoping was the chap in charge when China decided to murder hundreds protesters in Tienanmen Square in 1989. Thousands more protesters were injured for asking for more freedom and democracy.
    • We in the West hardly mentioned it at all. News of those atrocities committed by the Communist Party are still suppressed in China even today.
  3. The traditional family unit in China was also destroyed by Deng Xiaoping in the 1980’s. He decided to follow Margaret Thatcher’s disastrous deregulated, debt fulled economic growth model and Covid-19, Mers and Sars are the result.
    • Parents of young children were and still are separated for months at a time by having to move from their villages to the new super cities.

The disaster for the world:-

  1. China’s debt fuelled expansionist disaster has yet to hit the world financial markets and when it does, the current stock market drops will seem quite benign.
    • There are hundreds of cities the size of Birmingham built since the 1990’s but most are empty
      • see here
      • and here in a Youtube video from Australian journalists
      • and many others; just search for Chinese ghost cities and you will see what I mean
  2. Chinese weird medicinal beliefs have caused many rare species all over the world to be placed on the globally endangered list. The prices that the Chinese are prepared to pay for tiger’s testicles, pangolin scales etc. have funded worldwide illegal poaching on a huge scale.
  3. China has financed many airports over the world, most of which are yet to be used by anyone other than the Chinese military.
    • Several examples spring to mind, the main one being …
      • Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is designed to handle a million passengers per year. It currently receives about a dozen passengers per day. Read all about here in the New York Times magazine; a fascinating but scary analysis of China’s long game of global domination.
  4. Dear Boris “Why do you think that Huawei’s price for installing our new 5G network infrastructure is so very cheap?”

Unfettered globalisation is bad for homo sapiens.

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